VM-510FFL+ A-frame Cable Fault Locator

Vivax-Metrotech VM-510FFL+, a lightweight, robust standalone A-frame designed to locate underground cable faults. Features a LCD display & weatherproof speakers, plus forward/back directional arrows pointing to fault.

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Vivax-Metrotech VM-510FFL+ A-Frame - Locate Underground Cable Faults

There is no longer a need for a separate utility locator and connecting cables!

Connect a compatible transmitter to the line and place it in Fault-Find mode, use the simple four button operation of the VM-510FFL+ to locate and stay on the cable path whilst pinpointing the sheath or ground fault.

The lightweight carbon fiber material is suited for continuous usage on long cable runs to locate the line and pinpoint the faults.  VM-510FFL+ features both visual and audio indicators.


Vivax A-Frame Key Features:

  • Robust yet lightweight (1.89kg)
  • High contrast LCD display with automatic backlight
  • Weatherproof speaker
  • Depth of cover reading to cable
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Audible Left/Right cable path locate function
  • Detect up to 2 MΩ ground faults
  • Discriminates between light/heavy faults
  • Simultaneously locate both cable and fault
  • Forward/Back directional arrows point to the fault


What comes with the Vivax A-Frame?

  • VM-510FFL+ A-Frame
  • Soft carry bag
  • User guide
  • Rubber probe covers
  • Mini USB cable for firmware updates




Technical Specification for: Vivax-Metrotech VM-510FFL+ A-frame Cable Fault Locator

ConstructionCarbon fiber frame with high impact ABS housing and stainless-steel probes
Weight1.92 kg
Dimensions728 x 640 x 74 mm
Display1.28”/3.2cm Black/white Dot matrix with auto backlight
Data Displayed:
Left/Right direction
Forward/Back direction
Fault magnitude
Battery condition
Speaker volume
AudioLeft/right pulsed and continuous tones
Operating FrequenciesFault find 1 - “8kFF” (8Hz/8.192kHz with 2.67 phase modulation)
Fault find 2 – “FF” (3Hz/6Hz/8.192kHz)
Fault Locate SensitivityTypically, can detect 2MΩ at one-metre depth
Battery LifeAlkaline – Typically, 60 hours continuous use at 70°F / 21°C NiMH – Typically, 2300mAh will provide 45 hours continuous use at 70°F / 21°
Warranty2 Years



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