PD Scan - Online Partial Dischange Handheld Scanner

Megger PD Scan - Online Partial Dischange Handheld Scanner. Survey your LV or MV plant/substation for partial discharge & find faults before they become failures.

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Avoid partial discharge problems with a smile with Megger‘s PD Scan

Partial discharge is a warning sign of insulation failure, this can also lead to potentially dangerous conditions for substation staff. 

Partial discharge can lead to catastrophic failures in entire network sections and it’s up to you to find those signals before they affect your assets. Luckily, the PD Scan is here to help you scan your equipment quickly and easily, so you can locate impending defects as early as possible and prevent them affecting your systems.

Megger‘s PD Scan is designed to detect partial discharges, to identify faulty equipment before it fails.

With its six independent and unique sensors the handheld device is the best at helping you find PD faults quickly and easily.  Whether you are working in a low or medium voltage substation, to help you find PD faults efficiently this device has acoustic, TEV and HFTC sensors.  Furthermore PD scan automatically interprets the data, can perform temperature and humidity measurements, has an integrated camera for reference photos, a QR code scan and even wireless headphones.

An intuitive simulation box is available to assist you with training.

Survey your substation for partial discharge and find faults before they become failures.

PD Scan Key Features:

  • For a quick assessment of the condition of cables and switchgear
  • Fast verification of partial discharge activity in MV and HV substations
  • Universal application range, thanks to variety of sensors
  • Allows the allocation of maintenance resources directly to the problem areas


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