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EGIL Basic Circuit Breaker Analyser c/w Accessories

Megger EGIL Basic Circuit Breaker Analyser is an automatic timer & motion analyser for medium & high-voltage substation circuit breakers.

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13500.00 incl. VAT)
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Megger EGIL Circuit Breaker Analyser - Automatic Timer / Motion Analyser

The Megger EGIL Circuit Breaker Analyser has been designed for use in medium and high-voltage substations and industrial environments to test medium-voltage circuit breakers with no more than one main contact per phase.

If the main contacts are equipped with parallel pre-insertion resistor contacts the difference between the main and resistor contacts is automatically recorded.  EGIL  records auxiliary contact timing and coil current traces (travel motion recordings available as an option).

Its three time channels are connected together on one side. Events consisting of parallel contacts equipped with preinsertion resistors can be recorded and displayed simultaneously. There are two separate time channels for measurement of auxiliary contacts.

Simplify on-site hookup - Equipped with ready-made multi-cable sets for both main and auxiliary contacts.  Coil currents are measured automatically and presented together with other readings, immediately after testing, on the display window or via the built-in printer.



EGIL - Attractive package for the price

  • Incorporates features commonly found on more complex test systems
  • Very versatile
  • Compact design
  • Easy-to-use so less training required than the more complex test sets
  • Less expensive than other similar test sets
  • Suited to:
    • Smaller utilities
    • Ideal supplementary product for maintenance departments at larger power companies
    • Testing contractors


Megger EGIL Key Features:

  • Extremely easy-to-use
  • Reliable
  • Suitable for testing timing and travel on all circuit breakers with a single interrupter per phase
  • Two separate timing channels for measurement of auxiliary contacts
  • Analogue measurement channels for travel transducers or general voltage/current measurements
  • Built-in sequencer (program unit) sets the instrument automatically for the next sequential breaker operation


The various models of the EGIL:

  • (BM-19090) Megger EGIL Basic Circuit Breaker Analyser with Accessories
  • (BM-19095) Megger EGIL Circuit Breaker Analyser with SDRM, accessories and CABA Win
  • (BM-19093) Megger EGIL Circuit Breaker Analyser with Analogue and PC Connection with Accessories
  • (BM-19092) Megger EGIL Circuit Breaker Analyser with PC Connection Accessories and CABA Win

EGIL with the SDRM option together with the SDRM accessory enables static and dynamic resistance measurements.  EGIL can also be equipped with an optional USB interface for communication with a PC and CABA Win Circuit Breaker Analysis Software.


Technical Specification for: Megger EGIL Basic Circuit Breaker Analyser c/w Accessories

Product Downloads


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
BL-90070 VoltageDivider VD401.R101 £510.00 ADD
BL-90165 CABA Hardware USB-FIBER Adapter R01A £920.00 ADD
CG-8010X CABA Win Upgrade EGIL/TM1600/TM1800 price on request
CG-90225 SDRM 201/202 separate Cable for EGIL Only for upgrade (length 0 2m) £755.00 ADD
GA-00040 Cable 3 1m XLR/Banana MA61 £103.00 ADD
GA-00041 Cable 1 1m/XLR/Female MA61 £54.00 ADD
GA-00042 Cable 2 7 5m/XLR MA61 £132.00 ADD
GA-00082 Cable set 4x2m 2x2m black 2x2m red £156.00 ADD
GA-00150 Cable Extend EGIL 10m XLR 5P/XLR 5P £260.00 ADD
GA-00160 Cable timing EGIL 5m XLR 5P/clamps £260.00 ADD
GA-00170 Cable AUX1&2 EGIL 2m XLR 5P/banana plugs £190.00 ADD
GA-00231 Cable set TM1600/4 5m banan/clamp 4xblack 4xred £365.00 ADD
GA-00241 Cable set TM1600/4 10m banan/clamp 4xblack 4xred £490.00 ADD
GA-00251 Cable set TM1600/4 15m banan/clamp 4xblack 4xred £660.00 ADD
GA-00840 Cable Reel 20 m black TM1800 CG0228AE £375.00 ADD
GA-00842 Cable Reel 20 m red TM1800 CG0230AE £375.00 ADD
GA-00844 Cable Reel 20 m yellow TM1800 CG0231AE £375.00 ADD
GA-00845 Cable Reel 20 m green TM1800 £375.00 ADD
GA-00846 Cable Reel 20 m blue TM1800 £375.00 ADD
GA-01000 Open Analog Cable TM1800 CG0184BE £54.00 ADD
GA-01005 Analog Cable Egil/TM1600/TM1800 10m £132.00 ADD
GD-00190 Transport case EGIL £795.00 ADD
XB-30020 Transducer TLH-500 with cable GA-00049 £920.00 ADD
XB-30030 Transducer TS-150 with cable GA-00044 £450.00 ADD
XB-30033 Transducer TS-25 with cable GA-00044 £450.00 ADD
XB-30117 Transducer LWG-225 with cable GA-00050 £780.00 ADD
XB-31010 Rotary Transducer Analog £580.00 ADD
XB-39030 Transducer Flex coupling d:6mm £109.00 ADD
XB-51010 Rotary Transd. Mount Kit £1,170.00 ADD
XB-51020 Universal Transd.MountKit £1,255.00 ADD
XB-71010 Ready-to-use 1-ph Analog £1,420.00 ADD