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TM1700 Circuit Breaker Analyser

The Megger TM1700 Circuit Breaker Analyser System provides reliable & accurate test results in noisy high voltage substations. It‘s faster & safer with DualGround testing (both sides of breaker grounded).

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Megger TM1700 Circuit Breaker Analyser - inc. TM1710 TM1720 TM1740 TM1760

The robust Megger TM1700 series of Circuit Breaker Analysers offers powerful technology to assist the user in achieving efficient and reliable testing; boasting some top-line model features from the Megger TM1800.


TM1700 Built for High-Voltage Substations

All inputs and outputs on the instrument are designed to withstand the challenging industrial environments.  Galvanically isolated inputs and outputs make it possible to perform all relevant measurements in one test, eliminating the need for new setup and re-connections.

The patented DualGround method makes testing fast and safe due to keeping the circuit breaker grounded on both sides throughout the test.
The timing measurement inputs are using a patented an Active Interference Suppression algorithm ensuring correct timing and accurate Pre-Insertion Resistor values, even at high capacitively coupled interference currents.

The adaptive and easy-to-use software allow the user to perform the test by simply turning the test switch - Does not require settings. The operator is only one click away from advanced help functions such as connection diagrams. The 8 inch colour touch-screen, with on-screen keyboard, allows the user to efficiently operate this high-level interface.


The Various Models of the TM1700 Series:

There are five models starting from PC-remote controlled to fully stand-alone. All models can be controlled from a computer using the well proven data management and analysing software CABA Win.

On front is the control panel where you can operate and monitor the circuit breaker position, you set the operation sequence and run the measurement.  On top is the panel that includes all connectors for in and outputs.

  • TM1710 - a ‘black box‘ version with 1 x Control section, 1 x Timing M/r section, 1 x Digital section
  • TM1720 - a ‘black box‘ version with 2 x Control sections, 1 x Timing Aux, 1 x Timing M/r section, 1 x Digital section
  • TM1750 - 2 x Control sections, 1 x Timing Aux, 1 x Timing M/r section, 1 x Digital section
  • TM1760 - Equipped as TM1750 plus 3 x Analog channels (total 6 x Analog channels)

Megger TM1700 Key Features:

  • Provides reliable and accurate test results in noisy high voltage substations
  • Fast and safer with DualGround testing, both sides of breaker grounded
  • On-screen assistance with connection diagrams and test templates



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Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
BL-59190 DCM TM1700 3-ch Dual Ground Timing price on request
BL-59192 DCM TM1700 6ch Dual Ground Timing price on request
CG-19180 TM1700/1800 DCM 3-ch cables addition DualGround Upgrade 3 cables kit from 3 to 6-ch price on request
CG-19181 TM1700/1800 DCM 3-ch cable extension 10m - DualGround cable extension 10m price on request
CG-90205 SDRM 202 separate Cable for TM1800 Only for upgrade (length 0 2m) price on request
GD-00025 Flight case TM1700 £975.00 ADD
GD-00315 Soft case for TM17xx/FREJA 4xx £255.00 ADD
HC-01090 Keyboard for TM1700 - rugged and waterproof £395.00 ADD
HC-01100 Portable printer for TM1700 - 4 thermal printer with battery USB Serial IrDA interface price on request
GA-90005 HV timing cable kit; 5x10m £255.00 ADD