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TM1800 Circuit Breaker Analyser

Megger TM1800 is portable & rugged, making it suitable for use in any type of environment. The concept is a flexible, modular system that can be easily configured for any type of circuit breaker.

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Megger TM1800 Circuit Breaker Analyser

Megger TM1800 effective tools for determining the status of circuit breakers.


Megger TM1800 - Maximise Uptime / Drive Costs Down

Megger are a world leader in cable test, diagnostic and fault location solutions.  Featuring ground breaking performance, robustness and ease-of-use, Megger‘s cable test products are designed to give you faster, more accurate results. They find cable faults that other instruments cannot.

High voltage circuit breakers are extremely important for the function of modern electric power supply systems. The breaker is the active link that ultimately has the role of quickly opening the primary circuit when a fault has occurred. Many times, the breaker has to perform its duty within a few milliseconds, after months, perhaps years of idly standing by.  Since RCM and condition based maintenance have become the established strategies for most owners and operators of electric power supply systems, the need for reliable and accurate field test instruments is obvious.

In line with the Megger product line tradition, the TM1800 Circuit Breaker Analyser System is portable and rugged, making it suitable for use in any type of environment. The concept is a flexible, modular system that can be easily configured for any type of circuit breaker.

▶ Video: Megger TM1800 Circuit Breaker Dual Ground Application

Video thumbnail for the Megger Dual-Ground Technology

Megger TM1800 Key Features:

  • Modular - User configurable with 9 different modules
    • Built-in CABA Local software
    • Advance tests
    • Predefined breaker test plans/templates
    • On-site measurement view
    • Analysis
  • DualGround tests - DCM module for increased safety with both sides of breaker grounded
  • Fast, easy testing - Select-Connect-Inspect workflow and high level user interface
  • Graphical results - Quick interpretation of timing and motion measurements, coil currents
  • USB and ethernet interface - Quick back up, LAN connection and printer options
  • CABA Win - Advanced data analysis, database interface and common test data archive

Have A More Complex Transmission Set-Up?

Distribution circuit breakers with one contact per phase and one operating mechanism can easily be tested.  Transmission circuit breakers often have a more complex design with several contacts per phase and separate operating mechanisms.  Even here, TM1800 is fully capable of capturing any parameter. For example, when testing circuit breakers with pre-insertion resistor (PIR) contacts, the TM1800 automatically measures timing of the main and PIR contacts, as well as the resistance value of the pre-insertion resistor. TM1800 has a straightforward and user-friendly interface, CABA Local. The display is an 8-inch trans-reflective screen that enhances the use in direct sunlight. The user interface, CABA Local, has been designed to facilitate setup and analysis. There are, for example, integrated help functions that guides the user throughout the testing. Special efforts have also been made to reduce the number of connecting leads required. Furthermore, many functions have been automated to reduce the number of manual exercises and circuit breaker operations required to perform a test. As a result, the training needed to use the TM1800 to its full extent is minimised and the time to carry out actual tests is minimal.

▶ Video: Megger CABA LOCAL Circuit Breaker Software

Video thumbnail for the Megger CABA LOCAL Circuit Breaker Software


Technical Specification for: Megger TM1800 Circuit Breaker Analyser


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
BL-90600 Current Sensor Kit 1 Channel TM1600 price on request
BL-90610 Current Sensor Kit 3 Channel TM1600 price on request
CG-19180 TM1700/1800 DCM 3-ch cables addition DualGround Upgrade 3 cables kit from 3 to 6-ch price on request
CG-19181 TM1700/1800 DCM 3-ch cable extension 10m - DualGround cable extension 10m price on request
CG-8010X CABA Win Upgrade EGIL/TM1600/TM1800 price on request
CG-90090 Ext.TempSensorKit TM1800 price on request
CG-90205 SDRM 202 separate Cable for TM1800 Only for upgrade (length 0 2m) price on request
CG-91200 Synchronized Switching Relay test kit: Incl. accessories software cables and transport case price on request
GA-00040 Cable 3 1m XLR/Banana MA61 £103.00 ADD
GA-00840 Cable Reel 20 m black TM1800 CG0228AE £375.00 ADD
GA-00842 Cable Reel 20 m red TM1800 CG0230AE £375.00 ADD
GA-00844 Cable Reel 20 m yellow TM1800 CG0231AE £375.00 ADD
GA-00845 Cable Reel 20 m green TM1800 £375.00 ADD
GA-00846 Cable Reel 20 m blue TM1800 £375.00 ADD
GA-00850 Cable Timing T/MR TM1800 (1of3) £285.00 ADD
GA-00851 Cable Timing T/MR Extension TM1800 R100 £116.00 ADD
GA-00867 Adapter for Doble Transducer Cable 0.3 m £305.00 ADD
GA-00868 Adapter for Siemens Transducer £305.00 ADD
GA-00870 Cable AUX TM1800 5m £345.00 ADD
GA-00885 Open incremental transducer cable CG0077BE £225.00 ADD
GA-00890 L & L digital cable For using Leine & Linde 530 digital transducer TM1800 £330.00 ADD
GA-00895 Baumer digital cable For using Baumer digital transducer £315.00 ADD
GA-00900 H-hein dig trans cable CG0075CE TM1800 £315.00 ADD
GA-01000 Open Analog Cable TM1800 CG0184BE £54.00 ADD
GA-01005 Analog Cable Egil/TM1600/TM1800 10m £132.00 ADD
GD-00340 Soft case for TM1800 Made from sturdy nylon fabric £255.00 ADD
GD-00350 Transport case TM1800 £1,070.00 ADD
XB-30020 Transducer TLH-500 with cable GA-00049 £920.00 ADD
XB-30030 Transducer TS-150 with cable GA-00044 £450.00 ADD
XB-30033 Transducer TS-25 with cable GA-00044 £450.00 ADD
XB-30117 Transducer LWG-225 with cable GA-00050 £780.00 ADD
XB-31010 Rotary Transducer Analog £580.00 ADD
XB-32010 Transducer DYTRAN 3200B5 1/4-28 incl. GA-00052 £1,550.00 ADD
XB-39030 Transducer Flex coupling d:6mm £109.00 ADD
XB-39130 Rotary Transducer Digital £1,215.00 ADD
XB-51010 Rotary Transd. Mount Kit £1,170.00 ADD
XB-51020 Universal Transd.MountKit £1,255.00 ADD
XB-61010 LTB Kit: Incl. mounting kit XB-51010 Software conversion table BL-8730X £1,170.00 ADD
XB-61020 HPL/BLG Kit: Incl. mounting kit XB-51010 Software conversion table BL-8720X £1,170.00 ADD
XB-71010 Ready-to-use 1-ph Analog £1,420.00 ADD
XB-71013 Ready-to-use 3-ph Analog £4,230.00 ADD
XB-71020 Ready-to-use 1-ph Digital £2,230.00 ADD
XB-71023 Ready-to-use 3-ph Digital £6,625.00 ADD
GA-90005 HV timing cable kit; 5x10m £285.00 ADD