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EGIL200 Circuit Breaker Analyser

Megger EGIL200 Circuit Breaker Analyser meets all standards: IEEE C37 & IEC 62271, measuring: Timing of main & PIR contacts, Coil current analysis of close, open 1 & 2 coils, Station voltage measurements, Motion measurements, Motor current measurement.

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Megger EGIL200 Circuit Breaker Analyser

This analyser is the first incarnation in a new range of circuit breaker analysers from Megger.

Megger EGIL200 has been designed in close cooperation with global industry reference groups drawing experience from the market leading and hugely successful Megger TM series of circuit breaker analysers. The emphasis in the development of the EGIL200 has been on ease of use, ensuring that the time spent on setting up measurements is kept to a minimum.  As such, with the EGIL200, you can get your test results done in no time.  Connection to the test object has also been streamlined and with only one hook-up, all following operations or measurements can be made:

  1. Timing of main and PIR contacts
  2. Coil current analysis of close, open 1 and 2 coils
  3. Station voltage measurements
  4. Motion measurements
  5. Motor current measurement

With both main instrument and accessories designed for the most demanding field conditions, EGIL200 is your complete toolbox for daily, hassle-free circuit breaker condition assessments.


Megger EGIL200 Key Features:

  • Mid-range circuit breaker analyser providing a new level of accuracy to your standard measurements
  • Intuitive operation offers final measurement results with a minimum user interaction
  • Measurement performance inherited from market leader Megger TM series circuit breaker analysers
  • Instrument and accessories designed for the most demanding field conditions
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive interface

EGIL200 offers all standard measurements from IEEE C37 and IEC 62271 standards and brings high-end features from the TM series into the affordable mid-range segment:

  • Offers all standard measurements based on international standards
  • Intuitive and user-friendly operation – a minimum of user interventions needed from power-up of instrument to documented measurement result
  • Instrument fitted in rugged IP67 rated case and accessories in easy-to-carry backpack
  • Designed for medium to high voltage circuit breakers
  • One-click reporting to pdf or printed on optional, integrated printer
  • Dedicated control output for open coil 2
  • Multi-functional control channels that, with only one connection, manage control pulses and can measure station voltages and coil currents
  • Galvanically insulated and polarity independent auxiliary contact timing channels, automatically adapted for dry and wet contacts
  • Accurate pre-insertion resistor contact timing and resistance value measurement thanks to patented Active Interference Suppression technology


What comes with the EGIL200?

  • (GA-00850) Timing M/R cable
  • (GA-00851) Timing M/R extension cable
  • (GA-00871) Timing AUX cable
  • (GA-90002) Control cable kit
  • (KD-03040) Timing M/R clamp
  • (GA-01005) Analogue cable
  • (2012-180) Lead and accessory bag
  • (GC-00110) Thermal printing paper
  • Ground lead 2.5/5 m
  • Ethernet cable 5 m
  • USB cable 3 m
  • USB memory stick
  • Lead ties
  • Power cable
  • User manual


Technical Specification for: Megger EGIL200 Circuit Breaker Analyser