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393 FC 1500 V TRMS Clamp c/w IFLEX

FLUKE 393 FC Clamp Meter with iFlex, the world’s only CAT III 1500 V TRMS Clamp Meter, perfect for use in wind / solar power solutions & data centres etc.

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FLUKE 393 FC CAT III 1500 V TRMS Clamp with iFlex

The world’s only CAT III 1500 V TRMS Clamp Meter.

The 393 FC CAT III 1500 V True-TRMS Clamp Meter with iFlex is designed for technicians who work in high voltage dc environment: solar panels, wind power, electric railways and data centre UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

  • Measure safely with CAT III 1500 V rated clamp meter
  • Thin jaw for access to cables in crowded combiner boxes, yet the shape enables you to take readings from multiple cables at one time
  • Sturdy IP54 rated for outdoor use
  • Work efficiently with dc power measurement, audio polarity and visual continuity features


▶ Take a look round the FLUKE 393 FC:


FLUKE 393 FC Key Features:

  • Take measurements on the newest, high-voltage dc systems
    • This is the world’s first and only clamp meter with a CAT III 1500 V dc safety rating
    • Test leads are specially designed for 1500 V dc, and also rated CAT III 1500 V dc
    • Packed with additional features: DC Power, Audio Polarity and Visual continuity to enhance your productivity
  • Built for your environment
    • IP54 rated for use outdoors
    • Protection against dust and water when working in challenging, outdoor settings
    • Work in tight combiner boxes, measuring multiple cable at a time
    • Thin jaw allows access in cramped spaces, typically found in combiner boxes
  • Record, analyse and share results with FLUKE Connect software
    • Remotely log, trend and monitor measurements
    • Pinpoint intermittent faults
    • Save and share measurements and readings with your team
    • Gather data as the basis for preventive maintenance


Example Applications Suited To The 393 FC Clamp Meter:

Wind power solutions:

  • Verifying voltage up to 1500 V DC/1000 V AC; presence of load current; continuity
  • Measuring 1000 A ac/dc (2500 A ac with iFlex) in motors, pumps, compressors, fans, blowers, vaults and bus bars
  • Measuring loads and line frequency in circuits
  • Work at a safe distance outside of the arc flash zone

Solar power solutions:

  • Verifying the presence of AC/DC load current, voltage and continuity
  • Measuring 1500 V DC/ 1000 V AC in CAT III environments
  • Measuring 1000 A AC/DC (2500 A AC with iFlex) in combiner boxes, inverters, breakers or disconnects
  • Measuring loads and line frequency in circuits


▶ What‘s in the box for the FLUKE 393 FC?:


What comes with the FLUKE 393 FC?

  • FLUKE 393 FC CAT III 1500 V TRMS clamp meter
  • Test leads, CAT III 1500 V rated, right angle plugs, with safety caps
  • iFlex 18 inch flexible current probe
  • TPAK magnetic hanging strap
  • Premium carrying case
  • 3-year warranty



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