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HT9021 Clamp Meter 1000A AC/DC TRMS

The HT Italia HT9021 Clamp Meter with temperature measurement is an easy to use meter, designed for the professional which can perform AC/DC TRMS current measurement up to 1000A & voltage up to 1000V. It can also calculate resistance, continuity, frequency & capacitance.

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HT9021 professional clamp meter is designed for AC/DC TRMS current measurements up to 1000A, and DC/AC voltage to achieve safety CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1000V, according to IEC/EN61010-1 safety standards.

The clamp has a large LCD 4 digit display (6000 counts), plus a backlight and a bar-graph display for easy reading in critical environments.

It performs resistance, continuity tests, frequency, capacitance, diode tests, duty cycle and temperature with type-K probe measurements.

The AutopowerOFF feature is also available for the meter in order to preserve it’s internal battery charge.


HT Italia HT9021 Key Features:

  • TRMS measurement
  • DC/AC current up to 1000A
  • /AC voltage up to 1000V
  • “Voltsense” feature for AC voltage detection
  • Resistance
  • Continuity test with buzzer
  • Frequency with jaws and test leads
  • Capacitance
  • Diode test
  • Duty Cycle
  • Temperature with type K probe
  • Autorange
  • Data HOLD
  • PEAK CURRENT (<10ms)
  • Backlight
  • Bargraph
  • Auto Power OFF


What comes with the HT9021?

  • HT9021 Clamp Meter 1000A AC/DC TRMS
  • Pair of probes
  • K-type wire probe plus adapter
  • Battery
  • Transport bag
  • User manual


Comparison Chart for: HT HT9021 Clamp Meter 1000A AC/DC TRMS

Current measuring range1000A600A
AC/DC current
AC/DC voltage
Resistance / continuity test with buzzer
Diode test
Duty Cycle (%)
Temperature with K-type probe
Measurement categoryCAT IV 600V, CAT III 1000VCAT IV 600V, CAT III 1000V
Maximum cable diameter45mm30mm
Measuring counts60006000
Auto power off
Contactless AC voltage detection
Data HOLD function
MIN/MAX function
PEAK function
Relative measurement (ZERO)


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
402-IECN Black Safety Test Lead £11.20 ADD
402-IECR Red Safety Test Lead £11.20 ADD
404-IECN Black Safety Test Lead (Ø 4 mm) £11.20 ADD
404-IECR Red Safety Test Lead (Ø 4 mm) £11.20 ADD
425 2 Cables (black/red) 2 Test Leads (black/red) 2 Pincers (black/red) Kit £65.20 ADD
4312-2 2 Straight Banana Professional Test Leads (red/black) £20.00 ADD
44100 Basic Kit for Digital Multimeters £138.00 ADD
4413-2 2 90° Banana Professional Test Leads (red/black) £20.00 ADD
44700 Basic Kit for Oscilloscopes £270.00 ADD
4717-S-IEC100N Black Retractable Test Lead £24.40 ADD
4717-S-IEC100R Red Retractable Test Lead £24.40 ADD
5004-IECB Blue 20A Alligator Clip £14.20 ADD
5004-IECN Black 20A Alligator Clip £14.20 ADD
5004-IECR Red 20A Alligator Clip £14.20 ADD
5004-IECV Green 20A Alligator Clip £14.20 ADD
6007-IECN Black Flexible 6A Alligator Pincer £23.20 ADD
6007-IECR Red Flexible 6A Alligator Pincer £23.20 ADD
6009-IECN Black Rigid 20A Alligator Pincer £20.00 ADD
606-IECN Magnetic Adapter for Connection to Screw Heads £15.75 ADD
ABNACON Banana to Hypertac Adapter £60.60 ADD
C2001 Optical to RS232 Serial Cable £64.00 ADD
C2006 Optical serial cable-UsbA £101.00 ADD
C232NG1 RS232 Serial Cable £58.40 ADD
KIT4000A Kit including 2 Test Leads (black/red) £25.40 ADD
NOCANBA Hypertac to Banana Adapter £75.00 ADD
YCCAV0004000 Logger serial cable 2004 £40.80 ADD