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DCM305E Earth Leakage Clamp Meter

Megger DCM305E is perfect for identifying & measuring the earth leakage current in a circuit where the RCD keeps tripping out unexpectedly.

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Megger DCM305E Earth Leakage Clamp Meter

The DCM305E is designed for the fault finding electrician.  With the ability to measure earth leakage values as low as 0.001mA,  identifying problems that cause the nuisance tripping of RCDs or RCBOs is simple and straightforward.

With its high resolution and low pass filtering system the differential earth leakage is measured by placing the clamp around the live and neutral of the meter tails or each circuit in a distribution board. This eliminates the influence of parallel paths and permits the problem circuit to be identified for remedial action.

Furthermore the DCM305E can help discriminate between the sources of high leakage current, whether it is intentional, requiring some form of load spreading, or unintentional either due to a faulty installation or due to a faulty appliance, which will require repair. With a peak hold capability, leakage spikes caused by appliance switching can also be easily identified.

Megger DCM305E Key Features:

  • Versatile, very high resolution AC current clamp for identifying the cause of nuisance tripping and locating problem circuits
  • 6 auto or manual ranges: 6mA 60 mA 600 mA, 6 A, 60 A and 100 A
  • Low pass filter to aid stability of readings
  • Auto, peak and data hold features for working in those difficult to access areas
  • 0.001 mA resolution
  • TRMS reading
  • Analogue bar-graph display for trending
  • Compare feature
  • 40 mm jaw (1.6 in)
  • Auto back light
  • Auto power off (switchable) for extended battery life

TRMS Current Ranges:

  • 6 mA, 60 mA, 600 mA, 6 A, 60 A, 100 A (AC)
  • Manual or Auto ranging
  • 0.001 mA resolution (6 mA range)
  • TRMS meters allow accurate measurements on both pure, undistorted, sinusoidal AC waveforms and non-sinusoidal AC waveforms which can contain triangles, pulse trains and other ragged waves

Display Hold Features:

Megger DCM305E Buttons and Screen Display

  • Data Hold: Freezes display readings
  • Auto Hold: Automatically freezes display readings
  • Peak Hold: Maintains highest current  reading

Megger DCM305E Low Pass Filter:

  • Wide response (all frequencies)
  • 50-60 Hz response (low pass filter)
  • Low pass filters pass frequencies lower than cut-off frequency and attenuate frequencies above the cut-off frequency
  • Filters out high frequency harmonics to enable stable measurements
  • Cut-off frequency 100 Hz
  • Attenuation characteristic -24 dB / octave

Megger DCM305E Compare Feature:

Megger DCM305E Buttons and Screen Display

  • Selectable limit values 0.25 mA, 0.5 mA, 3.5 mA
  • Clamp compares measured current with chosen limit value
  • Buzzer activates and display flashes when limit exceeded

Megger DCM305E Earth Clamp Meter

Megger DCM305E Application:

A typical application for the DCM305E would be a measurement of earth leakage current in a circuit where the RCD keeps tripping out unexpectedly.

The measured result will quickly identify whether the earth leakage current present is excessive causing the RCD to trip or if the RCD itself is very sensitive / faulty. Earth leakage can be the of result various undetected faults in the installation or a faulty appliance.

Cable insulation deterioration, cable damage or the ingress of moisture into areas where exposed terminals are present may give rise to earth leakage current.

Megger DCM305E Single Phase Operation:

DCM305E Earth Leakage Clamp Meter Single Phase Operation

Megger DCM305E 3 phase + neutral operation:

Megger DCM305E Earth leakage clamp 3 phase + neutral operation

While it is possible to simply clamp the instrument around the earth conductor this procedure will only indicate leakage current present in the earth conductor. This may not offer a true indication of earth leakage in the entire installation.

What comes with the Megger DCM305E?

  • DCM305E Earth leakage clamp meter
  • Carrying case


Technical Specification for: Megger DCM305E Earth Leakage Clamp Meter

Measurement functionTRMS leakage and load current
Ranges6.000 mA, 60.00 mA, 600.0 mA, 6.000 A, 60.00 A 100.0 A
Maximum resolution0.001 mA
RangingAuto or manual
Low pass filter50 to 60 Hz
Maximum jaw diameter 40 mm
Hold featuresPeak, auto and data
Safety ratingCAT III 300 V