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KT66DL Multifunction Tester

KT66DL Kewtech‘s ultimate Multifunction Tester (MFT) designed specifically for the UK & covers EV charging installations. The instrument has a lid for extra protection & comes popular G7 test leads. Large colour dot matrix display giving relevant information simultaneously, for instance all auto-tests on one screen.

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Kewtech KT66DL Advanced Multifunction Tester

Kewtech has developed their ultimate Multifunction Tester (MFT) designed specifically for the UK and covers Electric Vehicle (EV) charging installations.

The availability of public EV charging stations in the UK is growing, almost five-fold since 2015, according to new data.  Figures from the Department for Transport (DfT) show there are more than 18,000 charging stations around the country (up from around 4,000 at the end of 2015).

Make sure you have an MFT that is future proof and covers this application!

Kewtech have designed the KT66DL to be a 12-in-1 Multifunction Tester - The ultimate tester!

It provides accuracy and performance engineered with a pioneering, sophisticated loop testing system, including 3 & 2 wire low current test options and a comprehensive RCD testing facility complete with EV charging point test capacity, the KT66DL has it all.

Quality build, reliability and easy to use - all vital qualities the everyday contractor should expect.



Kewtech KT66DL Key Features:

  • Extra-large colour screen display
  • 3 ways to test
    • Single press of the test button
    • Lockdown test button for continuous testing
    • Using the test button and the additional test probe
  • Established easy to use interface with one rotary dial and four function keys
  • Two high current loop options: 25A 0.001 Ohm resolution & 6A 0.01 Ohm resolution
  • Two low current loop options: 3 wire & 2 wire
  • EVSE loop option
  • EVSE 6 mA DC ramp and tripping time test
  • Insulation test function with PI 
  • Surge protection device test
  • Comprehensive RCD function including type EV & B and variable RCD test
  • Earth resistance 3 & 2 wire options
  • PAT function, including download
  • G7 test leads
  • Max Zs tables for current and old standards
  • Phase rotation
  • Advanced memory
  • Simultaneous display of L-N, L-N, L-E voltage (TRMS)
  • Three modes of starting a test: single press of the test button, continuous testing and by test button in the test probe
  • Help display
  • Advanced memory - assigns DB, circuit no. ad type of test i.e. Zs or Ze
  • Two continuity tests 200mA & 15mA 
  • 55V loop test capability - suitable for 110V CTE systems
  • Padded neck strap
  • Supplied with G7 test leads and additional probe incorporating a test button
  • Tests Type AC, ACS, A, AS, F, B, BS & EV
  • UC - contact voltage test
  • Touch voltage pad with selectable limits
  • Heavy duty canvas carry case with extra room for you testing accessories
  • The KT66DL has a lid to further protect your instrument which easily folds under the instrument when in use


▶ A comprehensive run through of the KEWTECH KT66DL:



What comes with the Kewtech KT66DL?

  • Kewtech KT66DL Multifunction Tester
  • ACC064SP G7 test lead with remote test button
  • ACC065 G7 Test lead set
  • 8 x AA Batteries
  • Instruction Manual
  • End of line Calibration Certificate
  • KAMP 12 Mains lead
  • Test lead pouch
  • Soft carry case (robust, with extra room for testing accessories)


 KT66DL Multifunction Tester 12 in 1, 18th Edition TesterEarth Spike Kit for TT Systems and Earth Electrode Resistance TestingElectric Vehicle Charging Point Adapter for Enabling Electrical Safety Checks

KT66DL Bundle Options:

  • KT66DL Multifunction Tester with Earth Spike
    • The most cost-effective way to obtain a kit that will test TN, TT and earthing systems.  The spike kit fits into the KT66DL carry bag so everything can be kept together in one place.
  • KT66EV The Ultimate EV solution
    • The KT66DL and KEWEVSE provide a comprehensive kit for all installation testing especially those with electrical vehicle charging points. Whether these are installed with Type B RCDs or with 6mA residual direct current devices and in either TN or TT configurations, this kit gives you the flexibility to test for electrical safety as well as EVSE functionality.


Comparison Chart for: Kewtech KT66DL Multifunction Tester

Continuity at 200mA with auto null function for test leads
Continuity 15mA test current option
Insulation 250 V, 500 V and 1000 V
Insulation 100 V
Polarisation and dielectric absorbtion index
Digital insulation resistance bargraph
PAT testing (optional PAT ADAPTOR 1)
PAT results memory, auto ID advance and download with software
Continuous Live warning
55V loop test (tests 110V CTE on-site systems)
High voltage LED light
Low current ATT non RCD trip loop test
2 Wire low current ATT non RCD trip loop test
EVSE charging point loop tests
High current loop test
PSC/PFC test
5OkA PFC range using 25A test current
Loop test noise level indicator
0.001 Ω resolution high current loop test25A test current
Selectable Max Zs table
Selectable loop pulse funtion to overcome contact resistance
Hands free testing
RCD type AC, ACS, A and AS
Single, auto and ramp tests
RCD type F, B, BS and EV
EVSE 6mA RDCD ramp, auto and single test
Uc test
Variable RCD test
RCD auto test all results on one screen
Test probe with remote test button
Advanced memory software included
Phase rotation
Earth resistance with optional ACCES KIT
LCD display
Dot Matrix display
Large colour matrix display
Protective lid on instrument
Carry case with extra space for testing accessoriesSoftSoftSoftSoft
Fused test leadsOptionOptionOptionOption
Help menu
Wiring and lead polarity check
Mains polarity check
Touch pad for earth potential limits 25 V or 50 V
Volts measurement
Separate volts function with L-N, L-PE and N-PE simultaneous display
Magnetic feet