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MI3152 ST Eurotest XC Multifunction Tester

MI 3152 ST EurotestXC includes Software. Insulation resistance with DC voltage from 50 V to 1000 V. Continuity of PE conductors with 200 mA DC test current with polarity change.

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Metrel MI3152 EurotestXC Multifunction Installation Tester

MI 3152 ST includes P 1101 Metrel ES Manager PRO for IET reporting

MI 3152 EurotestXC is an instrument from the new generation of Metrel’s multifunctional measuring instruments.

The already well known functions like complete installation safety testing according to IEC/EN 61557 and AUTO SEQUENCE testing of TN, TT and IT earthing systems are managed by a completely new user interface based on large colour touch screen display.

A wide range of functions is included: from on-line voltage monitoring, phase sequence testing, earth resistance measurement, illuminance measurement and TRMS current measurement up to RCD tests, line and loop impedance tests, earth resistance measurements as well as ISFL measurements and the IMD tests.

  • Insulation resistance with DC voltage from 50 V to 1000 V
  • Continuity of PE conductors with 200 mA DC test current with polarity change
  • Continuity of PE conductors with 7 mA test current without RCD tripping
  • Line/Loop impedance
  • Loop impedance with Trip Lock RCD function
  • TRMS voltage and frequency
  • Phase sequence
  • Power and harmonics
  • RCD testing (general and selective, type AC, A, F, B, B+)
  • Earth resistance (3-wire and 2-clamps method)
  • Specific earth resistance with Ro-adapter (option)
  • TRMS leakage and load currents (option)
  • First fault leakage current (ISFL)
  • Testing of Insulation Monitoring Devices (IMDs)
  • Illumination (option)
  • High resolution Loop impendance (mΩ) (option)

Other features

  • Predefined mini AUTOSEQUENCEs
  • Auto TT (U, Zln, Zs, Uc)
  • Auto TN/RCD (U, Zln, Zs, Rpe)
  • Auto TN (U, Zln, Zlpe, Rpe)
  • Auto IT (U, Zln, Isc, Isfl, IMD)
  • Built-in help screens for referencing on site
  • Built-in fuse tables for automatic evaluation of the line / loop impedance result
  • Monitoring of all 3 voltages in real-time
  • Automatic polarity reversal on continuity test
  • Automated RCD testing procedure
  • Built-in charger and rechargeable batteries as standard accessory
  • BT communication with PC, Android tablets and smart phones via built-in BT
  • PC SW Metrel ES Manager for creation of test structures and uploading, downloading of test results and report creation
  • EuroLink Android APP, data management tool (option)


Comparison Chart for: Metrel MI3152 ST Eurotest XC Multifunction Tester

MI 3125 BTMI 3100 SEMI 3152MI 3155
Screen type
Monochrome dot matrix
Full colour dot matrix
Touch screen
Instrument control
Rotary switch
Push keys
3-wire Trip-Lock RCD function, with no reported RCD uplift
Hi current loop test for L-L and L-N testing and where there is no RCD
PFC and PSCC displayed with loop impedance
Operating frequency45Hz to 65Hz45Hz to 65Hz45Hz to 65Hz14Hz to 500 Hz
Earth loop impedance ranges
3-wire loop test
Fuse tables on-board for instant pass or fail
Z auto func., Ze, Zs, PFC, PSCC and touch voltage with the single press of test button
Ultra-low current test for vehicle charge point testing
Supports Hi resolution testing with A 1143 adapter
4-wire loop test for result close to the source of supply
50V, 100 V, 250 V, 500 V and 1 kV test voltages
2.5 kV test voltage
Applied voltage display
Insulation test ranges
Pass of fail against pre-set limits
AUTO L-PE, N-PE and L-N testing
Surge protection or varistor testing
Diagnostic tests PI and DAR
AC RCD rating 10 mA, 30 mA, 100 mA, 300 mA, 500 mA and 1000 mA
RCD Type A, Type AC, Type F
RCD Type B and Type B+ - pure DC
Standard or time delayed
RCD testing ranges
Portable RCDs type PRCD, PRCD-2P, PRCD-3P, PRCD- S, PRCD- S+ & PRCD- K
EV RCM / EV RCD 30 mA AC and 6 mA DC*
Phase or polarity0 / 1800 / 1800 / 1800 / 180
½I, I and 5I tests
Ramp test for RCD fault finding
Continuity and low R range
Auto RCD test for trip time and trip current displayed on a single screen, no scrolling
7 mA test current for continuity check through RCD & prolonged battery life
Adjustable Pass/ fail indicator light limits
Adjustable buzzer threshold
Pre programmed
User programmable
Testing TN and TT earthing systems
Testing IT, floating earth systems
Voltage, frequency and phase rotation range
0 V to 550 V AC resolution 1V
Single-phase TN/ TT systems displays L-N, L-PE , N-PE in single screen
3-phase TN/ TT systems displays L1-L2, L1-L3 , L2-L3 in single screen
True RMS measurement
Frequency0Hz to 500 Hz0Hz to 500 Hz0Hz to 500 Hz0Hz to 500 Hz
Phase rotation
Voltage Drop measurement
Power quality range
Active power (P), Apparent power (S) and Reactive power (Q)
Power factor, Total harmonic distortion (THD)
Voltage harmonics and THD
Current harmonics and THD
Earth electrode resistance range
3-wire technique
Selective method with 3-wires and clamp*
4-wire earth resistivity*
2 clamps contactless method*
Earth test set supplied
Active safety system
Auto-test inhibit
Auto- discharge
Auto PE test
Touch voltage monitoring
Results handling / on-board memory
On-board memory size3 levels / 1700 locations3 levels / 1700 locations8 GB8 GB
Memory management
Workspace manager
Full keyboard for labelling files and results in plain English
USB, RS232 and bluetooth® connectivityOptional accessory
QR and, or barcode scanner support*
FREE Electrical Safety Management Basic software license
Other benefits
Rechargeable batteries with on-board recharging
TRMS leakage and load measurement*
Illuminance measurement*
Cable tracing*
Insulation monitoring device testing - IT systems
First fault leakage current measurement - IT systems
Records visual inspection
Full set of test, download and recharge leads
Soft test and carry bag
Firmware user updatable for product’s lifetime
Safety ratingCAT IV 300 VCAT IV 300 VCAT IV 300 VCAT IV 300 V
* Tester enabled but optional accessories required
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