MI 3155 EurotestXD Multifunction Tester

Metrel MI 3155 EurotestXD is an advanced multi-functional measuring instrument designed specifically for testing in industry: electrical power systems, industrial systems, building facility management & special installations/locations.

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Metrel MI 3155 EurotestXD Installation Tester for testing in industry:

Electrical power systems, industrial systems, building facility management & special installations/locations

MI 3155 EurotestXD is the newest flagship of Metrel’s most advanced line of multi-functional measuring instruments and is designed specifically for testing in industry. What differentiates this instrument from the rest is its ergonomic design and an intuitive user interface, encompassing a memory organizer and fully programmable AUTO SEQUENCEs, managed through a large colour touch screen display. It is fully compliant with functionality standards (e.g. IEC/EN 61557) and other reference standards for testing (e.g. IEC/EN/HD 60364-4-41,...) as is required for any instrument that performs TRMS current measurements, RCD tests, line and loop impedance tests with 3 (and 4) wires and earth resistance measurements. Besides those, the instrument supports a wide range of tests and measuring functions, including on-line voltage monitoring, phase sequence testing, varistor testing, PI/DAR calculation, luminance measurement, discharge time testing, ISFL measurements, IMD tests as well as functional and visual inspections.

Measuring Functions:

  • Live Transformer’s Impedance Measurement with Four Wire Test
  • Hi-precision Short Circuit Current evaluation with Calculated Hot factor
  • 3-wire test of PE (RPE function) without extension lead conductor
  • Autotest insulation function between L-N, N-PE and L-PE (R ISO ALL function)
  • 4 wire continuity test
  • Insulation resistance with DC voltage from 50 V to 2500 V and PI, DAR calculation
  • Varistor test
  • Continuity of PE conductors with 200 mA DC test current with polarity change
  • Continuity of PE conductors with 7 mA test current without RCD tripping
  • 2-wire and 3-wire loop impedance (L-PE) measurement with Trip Lock RCD function
  • Touch voltage / Contact voltage measurement with external P/S probe
  • 2-wire and 3-wire line impedance (L-L, L-N) measurement
  • 1-phase / 3-phase TRMS voltage and frequency measurements
  • Line, loop and RCD measurements at frequency range 16 ... 400 Hz
  • Phase sequence
  • Power and THD measurement (up to the 12th harmonic)
  • RCD testing (general and selective, type AC, A, F, B, B+, MI RCD, EV RCD, PRCD, PRCD-K, PRCD-S)
  • Earth resistance (3-wire and 2-clamps method)
  • Specific earth resistance with Ro-adapter (option)
  • TRMS leakage and load currents (option)
  • First fault leakage current (ISFL)
  • Testing of Insulation Monitoring Devices (IMDs)
  • Machine mode support with time discharge
  • Illumination (option)
  • High resolution Loop impendance (mΩ) (option)
  • EVSE (Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment) support (option)
  • Determining location of cables (option)
  • QR and/or barcode scanner support (option)

Key Features:

  • Programmable AUTO SEQUENCEs
  • Predefined profile dependent AUTO SEQUENCEs
  • Predefined Automatic tests
  • - Auto TT (U, Zln, Zs, Uc)
  • - Auto TN/RCD (U, Zln, Zs, Rpe)
  • - Auto TN (U, Zln, Zlpe, Rpe)
  • - Auto IT (U, Zln, Isc, Isfl, IMD)
  • Functional inspections
  • Visual inspections
  • Custom inspections (visual and functional) which may be incorporated into AUTO SEQUENCEs
  • EVSE AUTO SEQUENCEs and function inspections
  • Machine functional and visual inspections
  • Built-in help screens for referencing on site
  • Built-in fuse tables for automatic evaluation of the line / loop impedance result
  • Monitoring of all 3 voltages in real-time
  • Automatic polarity reversal on continuity test
  • Automated RCD testing procedure (RCD AUTO)
  • Automated Impedance testing procedure (Z AUTO)
  • Measurement filtering according to the selected area group
  • Built-in charger and rechargeable batteries as standard accessory
  • BT communication with PC, Android tablets and smart phones via built-in BT



Electrical Power Systems:-

  • Power Plants
  • Distribution
  • Safety
  • Connections / Bondings
  • Insulation Analysing
  • Earthings / Funnels

Industrial Systems:-

  • LV Installations Safety / Quality
  • UPS Systems testing
  • Switchboards / Controlgears
  • Machines / Power Loads
  • Working Places Health / Safety Care
  • Maintenance / Troubleshooting
  • 3-phase system testing

Building Facility Management:-

  • Public areas Safety / Quality
  • Fire Safety
  • Risk Assessments
  • Environmental Issues

Special Installations / Locations:-

  • Construction Sites
  • Railway Systems
  • Ships / Boats / Marina Places
  • Fire Brigade Vehicles
  • Military / Police Vehicles
  • Mobile LV Generator Units
  • Medical Sites / Surgery Rooms
  • Mobile Video / Audio / Concert Halls / Fair Playground

What‘s contained in the standard set:

  • Instrument MI 3155 EurotestXD
  • 4400 mAh battery pack
  • Power supply adapter 12V/3A
  • Tip commander + 2 x bat. AAA
  • Mains plug cable 1,5 m
  • Test lead green 1,5 m
  • Test lead, 4-wire, 1,5 m
  • Test lead, 3-wire, 1,5 m
  • Test lead, 2-wire, 2,5 kV, 1.5 m
  • Test probe, 6 pcs (black, brown, blue, green-2, red)
  • Crocodile clip, 7 pcs (black-2, brown, blue, green, red-2)
  • Earth set, 3-wire 20 m
  • USB cable
  • Soft carrying bag
  • Soft carrying neck belt
  • Metrel ES Manager BASIC license*
  • Short instruction manual
  • Instruction manual (CD)
  • Guide for testing and verification of Low voltage installations (CD)
  • Calibration certificate
  • Metrel ES Manager (program installation) A 1481 (CD)




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