Sprint Pro6 (KIT B) - Multifunction Flue Gas Analyser Kit

Anton Sprint Pro6 Multifunction Flue Gas Analyser with NEW condensate trap designed to be more robust & easier to empty, complete with washable foam dust filter saving you money. The Professional‘s choice!

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Sprint Pro6 Kit B

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Anton Sprint Pro6 Multifunction Flue Gas Analyser with NEW Condensate Trap and Filtration System (Sprint Pro6)

Unrivalled double protection against condensation ingress damage - water stop technology protects against down-time. New condensate trap design is more robust & easier to empty, complete with washable foam dust filter saving you money. Comprehensive range of models to suit your requirements BSI tested to EN50379:2012 1 & 3.

Sprint Pro6 Key Features:

  • High quality UK manufactured Flue Gas Analyser, flue probe, gas leak detector, charger, pressure hose and bag with wireless comms to connect to iOS and Android devices
  • Fully compatible with either the iOS or Android versions of our Sprint Mobile app and/or a wide range of other applications
  • Our top of the range model, Sprint Pro6 has the addition of a dual beam infra-red CO2 sensor for ambient CO2 monitoring requirements, ideal for commercial catering applications and incident investigations AND the addition of an NO sensor allowing for NO and NOx measurements when in FGA mode
  • In addition to the FGA features, NO/NOx measurements and CO room tests (simultaneous CO and CO2 ambient measurements), Sprint Pro6 also has a full pressure menu, the ability to connect with the supplied gas leak detector and USB comms to work with the Windows based Sprint Pro PC software
  • Unrivalled double protection against damage from condensate ingress – water stop technology protects against down time
  • New condensate trap design is more robust and easier to empty, complete with washable particulate filter
  • Robust construction, ergonomically designed for today’s professional engineer 
  • Intuitive, easy to navigate menu driven software with new large buttons
  • High contrast screen with coloured prompts and warnings
  • Easy USB-C charging for analyser & printer* at home, on site or in your vehicle
  • New drop-in bag design allows quick removal and replacement of FGA and accessories
  • New secure click-in flue probe connector to FGA  
  • Built-in sensor over range protection
  • BSI tested to EN50379-1:2012 & EN50379-3:2012
  • Suitable for engineers working with BS7967:2015
  • Ideal for COMCAT and CO/CO2 investigations such as CMDDA1

 *Please note printer not supplied with Sprint Pro6 but available to buy separately if require, or supplied as part of KitA and KitB.


What‘s included with the Sprint Pro6:

  • Multi-function Flue Gas Analyser: BSI tested to EN50379-1:2012 & EN50379-3:2012 Use for BS7967 & BS8494
  • USB charger and Lead
  • Sprint Pro Quick Drop In Bag
  • Sprint Pro Flue Probe with Water Stop Technology & Washable Particulate Filter
  • Sprint Pro Gas Escape Probe
  • Standard Pressure Hose
  • Spare Washable Particulate Filter
  • Calibration Certificate & Quick Start Guide

What Extras Do You Get When Choosing The Pro6 KitA Option?

  • Pro Infrared Magnetic Printer (USB charging)
  • Anton Pressure Relief Valve (APRV)
  • 2 x AS10/Clamp Pipe Temperature Probe

What Extras Do You Get When Choosing The Pro6 KitB Option?

  • All the above plus the Pro BS7967 Probe Set


ANTON Sprint Pro6 Comparison Chart



Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
AA15/HDH Anton Liquid / Immersion Probe £24.50 ADD
ACMT Anton Carbon Monoxide Tripod Kit £49.00 ADD
AS1/HDH Anton Surface Temperature Probe £24.50 ADD
AS10/Clamp Anton Pipe Clamp Temperature Probe £17.50 ADD
C03737 Pro Gas Escape Probe £65.00 ADD
C03738 Pro Flue Gas Probe £89.00 ADD
C03738-B Pro Bent Flue Gas Probe £89.00 ADD
C03740 Pro Drop-in Bag for Sprint Range £39.00 ADD
C03743 Anton Pro Infrared Printer (USB Charging) £149.00 ADD
476-2033 AA NiMH 1.2V Rechargeable Batteries for Pro Printer (Pack 4) £10.00 ADD
Clip CO Crowcon Clip CO Personal Alarm (Engineer protection) £109.00 ADD
E01377 USB Charger Adaptor for Pro Range £7.50 ADD
E01378 USB-C Charger/Comms Lead for Pro Range £2.90 ADD
FIL29OIL External Inline Oil Filter (Pack 5) £47.50 ADD
GK11M Anton 1m Air Probe £8.00 ADD
HCC/1 Anton Hard Carry Case £49.00 ADD
M03876 Pro Depth Gauge & Screw £9.50 ADD
M03877 Pro Cable Management Clip £1.95 ADD
M04202 Pro Flue Probe Connector & Pipe £8.90 ADD
M049001 Pro Dust Filter (Pack 10) £15.00 ADD
M049002 Pro PTFE Filter (Pack 10) £45.00 ADD
Pro Filter Pack Pro Dust / PTFE Filter Pack (2 of each) £10.80 ADD
M049003 Pro Filter Bowl & Filters (PTFE & Dust Filter) £22.50 ADD
PAP26001 Spare Paper Rolls for Hand Held Printer £19.50 ADD
Pro BS7967 Anton Pro BS7967 Probe Set £99.00 ADD
AOCK accessory AOCK Oil Commissioning Kit £79.00 ADD
APRV Anton Pressure Relief Valve £14.95 ADD
ASPK accessory ASPK Smoke Pump Kit £95.00 ADD