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108 - Digital Food Thermometer (Waterproof)

The testo 108 & 108-2 waterproof food thermometers for measuring temperatures during food production, processing & storage. For carrying out super fast & reliable temperature checks during food production, processing & storage.

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0563 1080

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testo 108 & testo 108-2 Food Thermometers - Fast, Easy, Precise Temperature measurements

Temperature measurements are among the tasks carried out daily in the food sector.  Only by taking precise measurements can the quality of the products be monitored and guaranteed.  And it is the only way to fulfil the HACCP guidelines.

The thermometers from the product series testo 108 carry out spot check measurements in seconds.  Whether in the transportation and storage of foodstuffs, in restaurants, in large kitchens or in chain restaurants.  The testo 108 is insensitive to moisture and water, and thanks to the softcase (protective cover), is safe from impact damage and dirt.

testo 108 Key Features:

  • Optimal for use in the food sector
  • Easy operation and handling
  • Waterproof instrument and probe (IP67)
  • Conform to HACCP and EN 13485
  • Universally applicable

testo 108 Applications:

  • Monitoring product temperatures

    In the area of food production and meal distribution, the correct heating up and temperature of the food play a crucial role in terms of controlling germ/bacteria generation and reproduction on the food dishes, as well as controlling the consumption temperature.
    • Measurement directly during the production process/or after food preparation
    • Ensuring the necessary temperature: regarding germs/bacteria, but also quality specifications “defined internally”; (e.g. when heating chocolate it must not be heated too much/too quickly)
  • Temperature check during storage

    The temperature check measuring task for storage is to ensure that the temperature of goods complies with (statutory) regulations and that the goods can be “safely” accepted and used for consumption (maintaining the cooling chain). For contact measurements, a measurement is normally taken from between the products (carton packaging, frozen foods), and a core temperature is measured. In cases of doubt, a core measurement is of interest. Our frozen food probe 0603 3292 is inserted into the frozen food for this purpose. This refers to both storage in cold storage warehouses/refrigerated transport means and refrigeration for sales counters (e.g. in supermarkets).
  • Temperature checks in incoming goods

    The temperature check measuring task in incoming goods is to ensure that the temperature of supplied goods complies with (statutory) regulations and that the goods can be “safely” accepted and used for further processing. Both the temperature between the products and the core temperature of foods can be measured. In most cases, data is entered on a form and documented for subsequent traceability. In addition to the measured value, the date, time and user are noted. If the temperature of the supplied goods complies with statutory regulations, these can be accepted and processed.


What‘s different about the testo 108-2?

Advantages of the testo 108-2 over the testo 108:

  1. Lockable probe for a secure hold
  2. Auto-hold, hold and min./max. function





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