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Apollo 400+ PAT Tester

Seaward Apollo 400+ PAT Tester. Fast data entry & storage of up to 2000 appliance record. Perfect for mid-volume testing where detailed records are required!

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Seaward Apollo 400+ PAT Tester

With on-board storage for up to 2,000 appliance records - 5th Edition compliant!

Seaward‘s world beating NEW Apollo+ Series now comes with improved functionality and accessories, including an external rechargeable battery pack (reducing downtime).

It features a comprehensive range of electrical safety tests which ensure compliance with the IET 5th Edition Code of Practice, whilst remote data transfer and USB download makes data management easy and efficient.
Create up to 25 user configurable electrical test and visual inspection sequences allowing you to change test limits and add your own custom tests.

Streamline the PAT testing process further by using the Apollo 400+ with a compatible label printer, barcode scanner and PATGuard 3 software.

The Apollo 400+ is ideal for mid-volume PAT testing where detailed records are required.




Apollo 400+ Key Features:

  • Electrical safety tests suitable for any workplace testing requirements
    • Ensures compliance with the IET 5th Edition Code of Practice
  • High definition colour display
  • Fast and easy data input
  • Store 2000 appliance records
  • Remote data transfer from field to office
  • Bluetooth connectivity


Apollo 400+ Electrical Test Functions:

  • Low current earth continuity test guaranteeing accurate measurement
  • Point-to-point testing of fixed appliances (Rpe & IR) - earth continuity and insulation resistance
    • Additional accessory required
  • IEC lead test
  • Touch current
  • Load power/current
  • Alternative leakage current
  • RCD test
  • Power socket test


Our Expert Says –

Moving on from the enhanced insulation tests and basic memory of the Seaward Primetest 250+, the Apollo 400+ boasts a number of improvements such an alpha-numeric keypad and 2000-record memory that bring significant benefits to the user. Several enhancements to the User Interface make the handling of test results even simpler. The Apollo 400+ is ideal for applications where the number of assets is large enough to favour the use of equipment that minimise the need for data entry and recording.



What comes with the Apollo 400+?

  • Apollo 400+ PAT Tester
  • Test Lead 1.2m with Alligator Clip (Red)
  • IEC Extension Lead (0.5m)
  • Black Mains Lead
  • USB Download Lead  
  • UKAS Calibration Certificate
  • Quick Start Guide


Greater Efficiency Through Useful Accessories & Software

As with many Seaward PAT testers, the Apollo 400+ is compatible with a range of printers and barcode scanners, further speeding up the process of asset recognition, testing and labelling.

PATGuard3 PAT Testing Software allows you to record, store and report on a range of health and safety requirements including PAT testing, risk assessments and other workplace test and inspections. Tag records with images as visual evidence, schedule risk-based retest periods and produce professional reports and electrical test certificates for total traceability.


Seaward Apollo 400+ Kit Options:

Apollo 400+ Pro Kit includes these extra items:

  • Pro printer
  • 1D scanner
  • Pro labels
  • 110V adaptor
  • Carry case

The Apollo 400+ PAT Tester Pro Kit

Apollo 400+ Elite Kit includes these extra items:

  • Elite 2 printer
  • 1D scanner
  • Elite labels
  • 110V adaptor
  • Carry case

The Apollo 400+ Elite Kit


Comparison Chart for: Seaward Apollo 400+ PAT Tester

General Features
Battery & mains powered
Colour screen & QWERTY keypad
Large Internal memoryUp to 2,000 recordsUp to 10,000 recordsUp to 50,000 records and 2,000 photos
Bluetooth scanner & printer compatible
Password controlled user accpunts
Set up multiple user accounts with varying levels of privileges
Clone facility to set up multiple testers
Checkbox supplied as standard
Test Inspection Features
Auto increment asset ID
PAT setup option to allow for custom
Enter asset description after test using keypad or barcode scanner
Comprehensive electrical safety test features
Point to point measurement (Rpe & IR)Optional accessory required
User configurable electrical test/visual inspection seqeunces25100100
User set sites & locations50100100
Risk based retest period calcuator
User definable comments lines against test records44
Configurable checklists for any workplace test or inspection
On-board camera
Universal risk assessment
Health & safety certificates
Data transfer
1D and 2D scanner connectivityReads 1D data only
Read QR code (2D) labels with 2D scanner
RFID reader connectivity
Print Pass & Fail labels with 1D barcode
Print Pass & Fail Labels with QR code (2D)
Add your company logo to labels (on large 1D labels only)
Select from various label formats to print666
Download to PC via USB cable
Data Transfer via USB flash drive
Filter results to be downloaded
Upload previous results to tester for retest


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
339A980 accessory Test n Tag Pro Bluetooth Printer - Lightweight & Portable £459.00 ADD
339A923 Bluetooth Scanner £207.00 ADD
270A076 Seaward 110V / 230V Adaptor (270A076) £26.00 ADD
391A920 3 Phase Leakage Adaptor 5 Star 16A £206.00 ADD
391A910 3 Phase Leakage Adaptor 5 Star 32A £206.00 ADD
209A910 3 Phase Adaptors SW3 Delta 4 Pin 16A 415V £62.00 ADD
209A911 3 Phase Adaptors SW3 Star 5 Pin 16A 415V £62.00 ADD
209A912 3 Phase Adaptors SW3 Delta 4 Pin 32A 415V £62.00 ADD
209A913 3 Phase Adaptors SW3 Star 5 Pin 32A 415V £62.00 ADD
380A953 Apollo Series Checkbox £47.00 ADD
396A976 USB Cable £25.00 ADD
300A002 0.5m Extension Adaptor £17.00 ADD
71G109 Apollo Series Kit Bag £95.00 ADD
380A952 Carrycase £36.00 ADD
380A9912 accessory Elite Accessory Bundle (inc. Test n Tag Elite 2 Printer; Bluetooth 2D Scanner; 2x Elite durable labels 25mm; 2x Elite durable labels 75mm; Apollo Kit carry case; 110V test adaptor) price on request
380A9911 accessory Pro Accessory Bundle (inc. Test n Tag Pro Printer; Bluetooth Barcode Scanner (1D); 2x Pro labels 25mm; 2x Pro labels 75mm; Apollo Kit carry case; 110V test adaptor) price on request
339A9490 Test n Tag Elite 2 Durable Label Rolls (52x25mm) approx. 304 off £21.00 ADD
380A982 Apollo+ Series Red Test Lead £16.00 ADD
380A983 Apollo+ Series Black Test Lead £16.00 ADD
380A019 Apollo+ Series Spare Battery £37.00 ADD
380A9910 Apollo+ Series Battery Charger £57.00 ADD
339A989 accessory Test n Tag Elite 2 Bluetooth printer £998.00 ADD
400A910 accessory PATGuard 3 Elite 1 Year Licence £121.00 ADD
400A917 accessory PATGuard 3 Elite Outright Purchase £438.00 ADD
380A951 accessories Apollo+ Series Red and Black Test Lead Set £30.00 ADD