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DPI610E Handheld Pressure Calibrator

Druck DPI610E Handheld Pressure Calibrators are highly accurate & easy to use pressure calibrator with integrated pressure generation capabilities.

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Druck DPI610E Handheld Pressure Calibrator

The Druck DPI610E is a simple-to-use "everyday" tool for maintaining and calibrating pressure instruments!

Complete with documenting capabilities it provides advanced features for automating calibration procedures, calculating errors and interfacing with PCs and calibration and maintenance systems.

  • Automated calibration procedures
  • PASS/FAIL error analysis

The Druck DPI610E combines effortless pressure measurement and generation, signal measurement and loop power with significantly improved pump capabilities and a powerful touch and button user interface. With a robust design, the unit has been engineered for instrument technicians, using input from those working in the field. It is an ideal solution to your test and calibration application.

DPI610E provides a tool-less quick-fit connection where finger-tight connections achieve pressure-tight connections at up to 1000 bar. Each unit is supplied with G1/8 female and 1/8 NPT female adapters as standard. Other adapters are available, see accessories.


Druck DPI610E Key Features:

  • A highly accurate, reliable, and stable pressure measurement tool 
  • The complete pressure calibration tool provides pressure:
    • Vacuum to 35 bar/500 psi/3.5 MPa pneumatic pressures with inbuilt barometer for accurate pseudo pressure measurements
    • Up to 1000 bar/15000 psi/100 MPa hydraulic pressures
  • HART as standard on all versions
  • Best in class pressure accuracy: Total 1 year uncertainty down to 0.025% full scale (FS) over temperature range of -10°C to +50°C
  • Integral calibration record with calibration due countdown
  • Optional remote plug and play pressure sensor (PM700E) and Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD-INTERFACE)
  • Minimise in-the-field leaks with quick-fit pressure adapters and hoses


Druck DPI610 Data Logging Capabilities

  • Full data logging and local documenting capabilities
  • The DPI610E can hold over 100,000 datalog points!
  • Multi-channel data logging
  • Can record data from 2 channels simultaneously at the touch of a record button, or automatically at a user set intervals
  • Data can be reviewed on screen or the data file can be transferred to a PC for further analysis
  • All utility test results can be saved and exported to a PC: Leak test, Relief valve, Switch Test
  • The unit is provided with one free 4Sight2 Lite calibration software license


Druck DPI610E Built For Your Environment

  • Designed for real-world use
  • Backlit high-contrast display
  • Ergonomic handle provides secure grip for use against a wall
  • The built-in hand/shoulder strap enables easy portability in the field
  • The choice of case material (Hazardous Area/Intrinsically Safe version available)
  • Rugged, weatherproof form factor
  • Quick-fit connection - save time on the job!


Druck DPI610E Measurement Resolution

  • Pressure Resolution: Adjustable from four to seven digits; this matches the displayed value to that of the test device for easy comparison
  • Electrical Resolution: voltage measurement is adjustable from four to seven digits, current measurement and sourcing from four to six digits


What comes with the Druck DPI610E?

  • Druck DPI610E Pressure Calibrator (model dependent)
  • Lithium ion battery, mains charger
  • Integrated carry strap
  • Test leads
  • Adaptors: G1/8 female and 1/8 NPT female
  • Calibration certificate
  • Quick start user guide

(All pneumatic versions come with an IDT dirt moisture trap to prevent contamination and all hydraulic versions come with a 100ml reservoir)


Druck DPI610E Options:

  • DPI610E-PC Pneumatic safe area
  • DPI610E-HC Hydraulic safe area
  • DPI610E-SPC Pneumatic hazardous area
  • DPI610E-SHC Hydraulic hazardous area

Pressure sensor modes: On Pneumatic versions, an internal barometer is fitted which allows both gauge and absolute pressure sensors to be used in pseudo-ranges. On Hydraulic versions, we offer the sealed gauge measurement mode on absolute pressure sensors (10 bar and above).


Technical Specification for: Druck DPI610E Handheld Pressure Calibrator

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