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DPI620GENII Multifunction Calibrator

Druck DPI620GENII Multifunction Calibrator is a calibration system combining advanced multi-functions inc. HART/Foundation Fieldbus communication with world-class pressure measurement & generation.

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Druck DPI620 GENII Multifunction Calibrator

This advanced modular calibration system combines an advanced multi-function and HART/Foundation Fieldbus communicator with world-class pressure measurement and generation, complete with TASK menu enabling single touch configuration for common devices.

  • Multi-function capabilities: electrical, frequency, temperature and pressure


DPI620GENII Multiple Models - Satisfy budget/Application

This ultra-compact basic electrical or electrical with frequency and temperature calibrator with full HART communicator and optional Foundation Fieldbus communicator provides simultaneous measurement and source capabilities for the setup, testing and calibration of most types of process instruments including:

  • Transmitters
  • Transducers
  • Gauges/ indicators
  • Switches
  • Proximity detectors
  • Counters
  • RTDs
  • Thermocouples
  • Valve positioners


Druck DPI620 GENII Key Features:

  • Multi-function capabilities: electrical, frequency, temperature and pressure
  • Multiple models to satisfy budget and application requirements
  • High resolution touch display and user interface
    • supports gestures and swipes for a flatter menu structure
  • Optional HART and Foundation Fieldbus digital communication with complete device description libraries/internal modems
  • ATEX, IECEx and ETL approved for hazardous area use
  • Modular re-rangeable and expandable concept
  • Interchangeable pressure modules from 25 mbar (10 in H2O) to 1000 bar (15000 psi)
  • Individual components can be used as stand-alone instruments
  • Allows significant inventory reductions
  • Easy to use: simplifies training and improves operator safety
  • TASK menu allows single touch configuration
  • Most used and user configured tasks can be added to FAVOURITES
  • Physical or *Bluetooth wireless connection to a PV624 hybrid pressure controller base station
  • Provided with one free 4Sight2 Lite calibration software license


Druck DPI620 GENNI Data Logging

  • Data log up to six channels simultaneously
  • Calibration Procedures: Test procedures can be created and stored using the autonomous "Calibration Wizard"
  • A single test procedure template can be run on multiple assets with live pass/fail error analysis
    • Results for each asset are saved individually in the internal storage of the DPI620G
    • Results can be viewed locally on the DPI620 or transferred to a PC to support traceability

Producing a certificate

When the test results exported to a PC, the data can be sorted or utilise Druck‘s Calibration Certificate template for a formatted professional certificate.


What comes with the Druck DPI620 GENNI?

  • Druck DPI620 GENII Multifunction Calibrator (select model)
  • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery (P/N IO620-BATTERY)
  • Universal mains adapter charger (P/N IO620-PSU, P/N IO620-AC)
  • 300 VAC true rms measurement probe (P/N IO620-AC not supplied with the DPI620G-B or DPI620G-H)
  • Test leads
  • Calibration certificate
  • Quick reference guide


Druck DPI620 Options (specify on quote request or discuss your requirements):

DPI620GENII Advanced Modular Calibrator Series

  • DPI620G-L Calibrator Lite
  • DPI620G Calibrator with HART
  • DPI620G-PB Calibrator HART and Profibus
  • DPI620G-FF Calibrator HART and Fieldbus
  • DPI620G-FFPB HART Fieldbus and Profibus
  • DPI620G-B Basic Calibrator
  • DPI620G-H Basic Calibrator with HART


DPI620GENII-IS Intrinsically Safe Series

  • DPI620G-IS-L Calibrator Lite
  • DPI620G-IS Calibrator with HART
  • DPI620G-IS-PB Calibrator
  • DPI620G-IS-FF Calibrator HART, Fieldbus
  • DPI620G-IS-FFPB HART, Fieldbus, Profibus


Technical Specification for: Druck DPI620GENII Multifunction Calibrator

DPI620GENII Advanced Modular Calibrator Series
ModelDescriptionSource mV, VMeasure/ Source FrequencyMeasure/ Source ResistanceMeasure/ Source Temp (RTD/TC)Multi channel▲ for simul- taneous Measure- ment/ SourceExternal AC Voltage ProbeHARTProfibusFieldbus
DPI620G-BElectrical Calibrator
DPI620G-B-B1Electrical Calibrator with Bluetooth
DPI620G-HElectrical Calibrator & HART com- municator
DPI620G-H-B1Electrical Calibrator & HART com- municator with Bluetooth
DPI620G-LMultifunction Calibrator
DPI620G-L-B1Multifunction Calibrator with Bluetooth
DPI620GMultifunction Calibrator & HART communicator
DPI620G-B1Multifunction Calibrator & HART communicator with Bluetooth
DPI620G-PBMultifunction Calibrator & HART communicator with Profi Bus
DPI620G-PB-B1Multifunction Calibrator & HART communicator with Profi Bus & Bluetooth
DPI620G-FFMultifunction Calibrator & HART communicator with Fieldbus
DPI620G-FF-B1Multifunction Calibrator & HART communicator with Fieldbus & Bluetooth
DPI620G-FFPBMultifunction Calibrator & HART communicator with Profi Bus & Fieldbus
DPI620G-FF- PB-B1Multifunction Calibrator & HART communicator with Profi Bus, Field- bus & Bluetooth
All DPI620GENII Advanced Modular Calibrator offer the following:
Measure Pressure Via PM620 & MC620/ PV62X
USB Sensors: Pressure & RTD
IDOS Pressure Sensors
Measure mA, mV, V
Source mA
24/28V Loop Power
Chart shows the differences (See data sheet for IS models)
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