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DPI 705 E Pressure; Temp. Indicator (Commercial)

Druck DPI 705 E High Accuracy Pressure & Temperature Indicator (Commercial) comes complete with plug & play remote sensors.

Part Number:
DPI 705 E

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Druck DPI 705 E Pressure & Temperature Indicator (Commercial)

The Druck DPI 705E is perfect for routine maintenance and system troubleshooting. A handheld pressure and optional temperature indicator built with essential features for accurate and reliable measurements.


Druck DPI 705 E Key Features:

  • Combine tough and rugged design
  • Designed for single handed operation
  • Power on and use; no warm up time required!
  • 1, 3 or 5 minute leak test
  • Large digit high-contrast LCD with backlight
  • Complete with integral desk stand and hanger
  • 3 Levels of accuracy
  • 41 pressure ranges from ±25 mbar to 1,400 bar (±10 inH20 to 20,000 psi/2.5 kPa to 140 MPa)
  • Total 1 year uncertainty down to 0.025% full scale (FS) over temperature range of -10°C to +50°C
  • Integral calibration record with calibration due count-down display
  • Leak test, tare, maximum/minimum and filter functions
  • Optional remote plug and play pressure (PM700E) and Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD-PROBE) sensors
  • Compatible with our pneumatic and hydraulic hand pumps
  • Impact resistant, sealed to IP54
  • Optional carrying case with belt loop
  • Optional magnetic/loop hanging strap
  • Long battery life
  • Hazardous Area (Intrinsically Safe) version available - see drop down


Druck DPI 705 E Special Features:

20 pressure measurement units available: mbar, bar, Pa, kPa, hPa, MPa, psi , lb/ft2, kgf/cm2, kgf/m2, mmHg(0°C), mHg(0°C), inHg 0, mmH2O, cmH2O, mH2O, inH2O (4°C, 20°C), ftH2O (4°C, 20°C)

Leak test: Used to determine if there is a leak in the system by recording the pressure change over a fixed time. Leak test can also be used with the RTD sensor to record a temperature change over time.  User defined 1, 3 or 5 minute leak test with live countdown timer

Zero: Zero pressure correction (gauge/differential sensors)

Tare: 0 to 100% FS temporary zero offset capability by subtracting the current reading from subsequent measurements.

Filter: Enables a filtered pressure reading by showing a rolling average of the last 10 measurements. Providing a more stable reading in a noisy measurement.

Alarm: User adjustable high and low pressure alarms with visual (Bell Icon, Pressure Reading and Backlight flash) and audible warning for 60 seconds.

Calibration: Used in conjunction with the optional pneumatic or hydraulic hand pumps, the DPI 705E Series provides a simple, low-cost calibration solution. 

Battery: Ultra power efficient design, can be used for 8 Hours per day, 6 days per week for up to a year using a single set of batteries.

Display: 16mm digital height LCD with ±99999 readout


Druck DPI 705 E Handheld Pressure Indicator Options:

  • Commercial
  • Intrinsically Safe

Druck DPI 705 E Accuracy level options:

Standard: ±0.1% FS Total accuracy over -10 to 50 degrees C including NLH&R, 1 year drift and calibration uncertainty
High: ±0.05% FS Total accuracy over -10 to 50 degrees C including NLH&R, 1 year drift and calibration uncertainty
Premium: ±0.025% FS Total accuracy over -10 to 50 degrees C including NLH&R, 1 year drift and calibration uncertainty



Druck DPI 705 E IS Version Hazardous area approvals:

  • ATEX, IECEx, UKEX, CSA, CCOE, XPL, KCs, NEPSI, ECASEx (Ordering code ‘H1‘)
  • INMETRO (Ordering code ‘H2‘)
  • ATEX, IECEx, UKEX, CCOE, XPL, KCs, NEPSI, ECASEx, INMETRO: Ex ia IIC T4 Ga (–10°C ≤ Ta ≤ +50°C)
  • CSA approved (Canada & US): Class I, Zone 0, AEx/Ex ia IIC T4 Ga (–10°C ≤ Ta ≤ +50°C)


Technical Specification for: Druck DPI 705 E Pressure; Temp. Indicator (Commercial)

Product Downloads


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
IO705E-CASE DPI705E Carry Case £37.10 ADD
IO705E-STRAP DPI705E Hanging Strap £37.10 ADD
IO-ADAPT-QF G1/8M to Quick-fit Adaptor £58.20 ADD
PM700E-CABLE PM700E Remote Sensor Cable 2.9m £86.80 ADD
RTD-INTERFACE-USB DPI Interface for PT100 RTD Probe-USB £272.00 ADD
RTD-INTERFACE-485 RTD Interface only - RS485 £248.00 ADD
IO-RTD-M12CON Field Wireable M12 connector 4-pin £24.80 ADD
IO-RTD-M12EXT M12M to M12F 2m ext lead (6.5 ft) 4-wire £32.10 ADD
IO-RTD-PRB150 RTD Probe 150mm, PT100 steel Class A £91.80 ADD
IO-RTD-USBCABLE RTD Interface Cable USB £47.20 ADD
RTD-PROBE-USB DPI Interface with PT100 Probe-USB £459.00 ADD
RTD-PROBE-485 RTD Interface with PT100 probe - RS485 £434.00 ADD
IO705E-CASE-IS DPI705E IS Carry Case (IS) £37.10 ADD
RTD-PROBE-IS RTD IS Interface with PT100 Probe-RS485 £434.00 ADD
RTD-INTERFACE-IS RTD IS Interface only - RS485 £248.00 ADD