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Chauvin Arnoux
CA 6471 Earth and Resistivity Tester

Chauvin Arnoux CA 6471 5 in 1 industry tester perfect for: selective earth, resistivity, coupling & continuity.

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Chauvin Arnoux CA 6471 Earth and Resistivity Tester

The CA 6471 is a ergonomic, comprehensive and accurate tester offering direct access to all the measurements on the front panel by means of a rotary switch.

CA 6471 Earth and Resistivity Tester offers:

  • Selective earth measurement
  • Soil resistivity measurement
  • Earth coupling measurement
  • Continuity measurement

(Takes measurement in parallel without disconnecting the earth and without rods)

Chauvin Arnoux CA 6471 is reliable 

The CA 6471 guarantees the reliability of measurements carried out by:

  • Traditional stake-based methods
  • Self-diagnosis when each measurement starts, so that any faults liable to affect the measurements (bad connections or presence of disturbance signals) are indicated
  • Extensive measurement ranges: 0.001 Ω to 100 kΩ
  • Adjustment of the measurement frequency between 41 Hz and 512 Hz (3P and 4P measurements)

Chauvin Arnoux CA 6471 is advanced 

The CA 6471 is equipped with advanced expert calculation functions:

  • For earth coupling measurements, simply perform the 3 successive measurements required and the tester then calculates the coupling coefficient automatically
  • For soil resistivity measurements, simply program the distances used for the measurement and the instrument automatically calculates r using the Wenner or Schlumberger methods.


CA 6471 Key Features:

  • Multi-function testers
  • 3-pole and 4-pole measurements
  • Selective 4-pole measurements, 2 clamps
  • Resistivity (Wenner + Schlumberger methods)
  • Earth coupling
  • Continuity and resistance
  • Measurements possible even with highly resistive soils
  • Improved measurement quality due to high rejection of disturbance voltages
  • Excellent accuracy and resolution
  • A USB communication output can be used to export the data onto a PC in order to process them with the Ground Tester Transfer software


Earth Measurement with 3P

The 3P method is the traditional method using rods to measure the resistance of an existing earth connection.

The CA 6471 can also be used to measure the resistances of the auxiliary rods RS and RH, as well as any disturbance voltages.

Suitable for all types of measurement environments, even the most difficult, this method guarantees measurement of auxiliary-rod resistances up to 100 kΩ and disturbance voltages of 60 Vpeak.


4P and Selective 4P Earth Measurement

The 4P measurement method is particularly suitable for measuring very low earth resistances. If there are several resistances connected in parallel, it is possible to use the instrument with a clamp-on ammeter to carry out selective measurements, in order to avoid the effect of the parallel earth connections. This "selective 4P" measurement method saves considerable time because it is no longer necessary to disconnect the earth resistance before measuring it.

The 4P measurement method is more accurate and can be used to measure low earth resistances. The results obtained with this measurement method are ideal for the requirements of energy distributors!


Earth Loop Measurement with 2 Clamps

In the event of a system with parallel earth connections, 2 clamp-on ammeters can be used with the CA 6471 to provide accurate earth resistance measurements.

The principle of this method involves placing 2 clamps around the earth conductor tested and connecting each of them to the instrument. One clamp injects a known signal (32 V / 1,367 Hz) while the other clamp measures the current flowing in the loop.

This method saves considerable time when earth testing because it is no longer necessary to set up auxiliary rods or disconnect the earth connections, which is often time consuming.


Measurement of Earth Coupling Soil Resistivity Measurement

To estimate the reciprocal influence of 2 normally unrelated earth resistances, you must calculate the coupling coefficient, which should be as low as possible. The operator takes 3 successive measurements (2 classic earth measurements using the classic 3P – R1 & R2 method, and 1 earth measurement using the 2P – R1-2 method. The instrument then automatically calculates the coupling resistance: Rc = (R1+R2–R1-2)/2.


Soil Resistivity Measurement

When it is possible to choose the position of the earth connection, resistivity measurements can be used to check the soil and determine where the earth resistance will be lowest (optimisation of building costs).

The CA 6471 automatically calculate soil resistivity using the Wenner or Schlumberger methods as soon as the distances between the rods have been entered.

The resistances of the rods RE, RES, RS and RH can also be measured.


What comes with the CA 6471?

  • CA 6471 Earth and Resisitivity Tester
  • 2 x C182 clamps with safety leads
  • External mains charger
  • Data export software
  • USB lead
  • Operating manual (in 5 languages)
  • Simplified operating manual (in 5 languages)
  • Identification labels (in 5 languages)
  • Carry case
  • Certificate of conformity


Technical Specification for: Chauvin Arnoux CA 6471 Earth and Resistivity Tester