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1623-2 GEO Earth Ground Resistance Meter

FLUKE 1623-2 GEO Earth Ground Resistance Meter is able to measure earth ground loop resistances using only clamps. It comes with a rugged case, IP56 rating enabling outdoor use & a USB port for data storage/transfer.

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FLUKE 1623 GEO Earth Ground Resistance Meter

Diagnose intermittent electrical problems and avoid unnecessary downtime with the FLUKE 1623-2.  Poor grounding not only contributes to unnecessary downtime, but a lack of good grounding is also dangerous and increases the risk of equipment failure.


Why test grounding systems?

Over time, corrosive soils with high moisture content, high salt content, and high temperatures can degrade ground rods and their connections.  So although the ground system, when initially installed, had low earth ground resistance values, the resistance of the grounding system can increase if the ground rods are eaten away.

The FLUKE 1623-2 is a distinctive earth ground tester which performs all four types of earth ground measurement and offers data storage and download capabilities via USB port.


FLUKE 1623 Key Features:

  • A unique earth ground tester that performs fast, accurate testing with and without stakes
  • Tests 3- and 4-pole fall-of-potential, and 4-pole soil resistivity (with stakes)
  • Performs selective earth ground rod testing (one clamp + stakes)
  • Performs stakeless earth ground rod testing (two clamps)
  • Features IP56 rating for outdoor use
  • World class accessories will simplify and speed up testing time
  • Professional carrying case
  • USB data storage and transfer


Stakeless Testing with FLUKE 1623:

The FLUKE 1623-2 earth ground testers is able to measure earth ground loop resistances using only clamps. With this test method, two clamps are placed around the earth ground rod and each are connected to the tester. No earth ground stakes are used at all. A known, fixed voltage is induced by one clamp and the current is measured using the second clamp. Then the tester automatically determines the resistance of the earth ground rod.


What comes with the FLUKE 1623?

  • GEO Earth Ground Tester
  • User‘s Manual
  • Batteries
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • USB Cable


Extra With The Kit Option:

  • 2 Clamps
  • C1620 Professional Carrying Case
  • 4 Earth Ground Stakes
  • 3 Cable Reels



The FLUKE GEO Series:

  • FLUKE 1623-2 GEO Earth Ground Resistance Meter
  • FLUKE 1625-2 GEO Earth Ground Resistance Meter with advanced features for more accuracy



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Field Service Technician
Industrial Maintenance Technician
Power Utilities and Telecoms
Standard earth ground methods
1 clamp
2 clamps


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
Earth Stake Earth Stake £65.00 ADD
Cable Reel 25M BL Cable Reel 25M Blue wire £65.00 ADD
Cable Reel 25M GR Cable Reel 25M Green wire £65.00 ADD
Cable Reel 50M RD Cable Reel 50M Red wire £71.00 ADD
C1620 C1620 Carrying Case £209.00 ADD
ES-162P3-2 ES-162P3-2 Stake/reel set for 3-pole measurement £247.00 ADD
ES-162P4-2 ES-162P4-2 Earth Ground Stake Set for 4 Pole Measurement £327.00 ADD