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DET14C Clamp-on Earth Tester

Megger DET14C Earth Resistance Clamp Tester perfect for power stations, substations, towers & many more facilities. The clamp jaw accommodates up to 37 mm diameter cables & 50 mm earth tapes.

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Megger DET14C Earth Resistance Clamp Testers

Megger DET14C features a elliptical shaped clamp allowing for a much better approach angle and improved access to cables and earth straps in space constrained locations. The clamp is also much thinner and the units are much shorter again allowing measurements in tight areas. The clamp head accommodates up to 37 mm diameter cables and 50 mm earth tapes making them suitable for use in power stations, substations, towers and many more facilities.

Both clamp surfaces are smooth where they meet meaning there‘s no interlocking teeth to damage.  Megger DET14C offers storage of results for later on-screen recall.

▶ Video: Overview of The Megger DET14C Earth Resistance Clamp Testers

Video thumbnail for the Megger DET14C Earth Resistance Clamp Testers

Megger DET14C Key Features:

  • For testing installations such as buildings, pylons and RF transmitter sites and lightning protection systems.
  • Low maintenance flat jaw interface
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Elliptical clamp shape improves access to earth cables and straps up to 50 mm
  • Automatically self calibrates and Auto ranging
  • Measures ground resistance from 0.05 Ω to 1500 Ω
  • Measures true RMS ground leakage current from 0.5 mA rms to 35 A rms
  • Balance elements of a ground to mitigate noise
  • Balance ground circuits
  • Measure continuity of ground circuits in headends and hubs
  • Safety rating: CAT IV 600 V


The DET Clamp Models:

  • DET14C - Clamp-on Earth Resistance Tester
  • DET24C - Clamp-on Earth Resistance Tester with downloading capabilities

Both represent a new generation of earth/ground clamp-on resistance testers. These instruments induce a test current into earth systems and measure ground resistance in multi ground installations without needing to disconnect the ground. They offer market leading access, advanced features, simple operation and CAT IV 600 V safety protection.


Comparison Chart for: Megger DET14C Clamp-on Earth Tester

Stakeless testing
3-wire testing
2-wire testing
ART (Attached Rod Technique) enabled
Resistance range Ω0.01 to 20000.01 to 20000.05 to 15000.05 to 1500
Earth Current range (with optional clamp)0.5 mA to 19.9 A0.5 mA to 35 A0.5 mA to 35 A
Earth Voltage range0 to 100 V0 to 100 V
Digital Display
Dust and weatherproof to IP54
Automatic C stake check
Automatic P stake check
Manual P stake check
Automatic noise check
Manual noise check
Noise rejection (40 V pk-pk)
Variable frequency test
2-wire test
3-wire test
4-wire test
2 kΩ range
20 kΩ range
200 kΩ range
No disconnect testing (ART)
Stakeless measurement
Voltmeter (ground noise voltage measurement)
Current meter
LCD display
Backlit display
Moving coil meter
IP54 rated
EN61010-1 100V CAT IV
Built-in battery charger
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