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ETK30 30m Earth Test Cable Reel & Spikes Kit

Megger ETK Earth Test Cable Reel Kit are accessory kits to complete earth electrode testing & soil resistivity surveys. ETK30 version has 30m Earth Test Cables.

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Megger ETK30 30m Earth Test Cable Reel Kit - Electrode & Soil Resistivity

Accessory kits to complete earth electrode testing and soil resistivity surveys

  • Can be used with any of the DET2/3, DET3 or DET4 Megger earth testers as well as Megger MFT models
  • Easy wind and unwind reels
  • Easy to use, easy pack away
  • Earth test spikes on reels
  • Supplied with holdall bag for easy transportation
  • Multiple lengths to meet all needs

Megger have been a pioneer of earth/ground testing and provide exceptional test meters with accessory kits for this purpose.  The Megger Earth Test Kit (ETK models) are designed to be as practical as possible.  Housed in a holdall, the kits are stored neatly, well protected and easy to transport.  Much care has been taken to produce a variety of kits to meet needs.

In use the test leads  are fitted and retained on reels with smooth action.  Simply run out the test lead from the instrument to the test point, clip the end directly into the spike and test, easy.  When the test is complete, unclip the test leads and wind them in.

The kits come in different combinations to meet different needs and constraints.  They are supplied with a tape measure to ensure accurate placement of test spikes/pins.  The reels can be daisy chained together to provide longer lengths in manageable chunks.



Megger ETK30 Key Features:

  • Light weight reels
  • Large comfortable handle
  • Sits on the ground or any flat surface
  • Clips on reel to retain earth spikes/pins
  • Clips on reel to retain the end of test leads
  • Ability to daisy chain allows extra long length in manageable chunks.  The manageable chunks make reels lighter and easier to carry, helping to quickly resolve any connectivity issue

Please cross-reference part number with data sheet for reel configuration before purchasing/requesting a quote.


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