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T1020 HD Thermal Camera with Viewfinder (45° Lens)

FLIR T1K / T1020 Thermal Camera offers outstanding image clarity, exceptional optics & features designed for the expert. Can be used as a fever screening solution.

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FLIR T1020 Thermal Camera (T1K)

Sharpest results, truest temperatures and most flexibility!

Thermography work is vital at tracking down troublesome hotspots - keeping things up and running, and repair costs under control.  There‘s a lot of ground to cover with no time to waste and no room for error! That‘s why FLIR created the FLIR T1K, their first handheld HD thermal camera designed precisely for your expert critical eye.

Building on 50 years of infrared expertise and innovative industry firsts, the T1K gives you the most versatile set of tools to find heat anomalies quickly and measure them with ultimate accuracy. 

FLIR designed and built OSX HD IR optics specifically for the T1K!  This paired with FLIR Vision processing and FLIR‘s HD detector means these durable high quality smart lenses outperform any optics on the thermal market. Capture temperature measurements on targets half the size as before, or from twice as far away compared to earlier lenses.

Highly calibrated sensors in the camera and lenses work together ensuring your readings stay true even as you move from sweltering heat to a chilly server room. Expect stunning definition and outstanding temperature detail with a thermal sensitivity 2x better than the industry standard. 4x the pixels with UltraMax FLIR‘s super resolution process for unparalleled images and temperature accuracy.

FLIR‘s patented MSX adds perspective by embossing visual details onto the full thermal image so you can read labels and identify locations.


Simplifying your workflow with the T1020

Customisation is key with the T1K, there are four programmable buttons allowing you to configure the camera the way you like it.

Focusing is a snap! Select automatic or use the dynamic manual control, which adjusts to your touch (going fast for broad changes or slow for precise fine tuning).

The FLIR T1020 features a bright LCD, high resolution viewfinder, and the 120° rotating optical block allows you to keep the display and viewfinder in a comfortable position while scanning overhead, and from other tough angles.   The glare-reducing eyecup improves scanning in daylight conditions. The joystick and programmable buttons let you control the camera with a finger or thumb so there‘s no need to change your grip.

From wireless connectivity to one-click instant reports, the T1K / T1020 makes your daily work easier.

FLIR T1020 takes the strain out of your day‘s intensive inspections! 



FLIR T1020 Key Features:

  • FLIR T1K / T1020 infrared cameras are designed for thermography experts who need the highest quality without compromise. With full HD resolution, outstanding thermal sensitivity, and FLIR-exclusive optics designed specifically for HDIR detectors, the T1K / T1020 raises the bar on performance!

Outstanding Image Quality

  • The FLIR Vision processor delivers the best, most detailed, and smoothest images with the least amount of noise, thanks to MSX, UltraMax, and FLIR‘s proprietary adaptive filtering algorithms
  • 1024 × 768 detector offers more than 750,000 temperature measurement points per image, and more than 3.1 million with UltraMax
  • MSX patented multi spectral image enhancement embosses visual details onto the full resolution thermal image, providing perspective to the scene and allowing you to read text and labels
  • Thermal sensitivity of <0.02° C, more than 2× better than the industry standard for low noise imagery

Fully Radiometric JPEGs and Videos

  • Radiometric recording of full resolution video at 30 Hz allows for dynamic post analysis
  • Images are captured in radiometric JPEG format - Measure the temperature of every pixel, refine levels and change palettes during post processing
  • Add voice comments via Bluetooth headset, or add text notes and sketches to images through the touchscreen keypad
  • One click Rapid Report generation streamlines your reporting and analysis workflow
  • Wi-Fi communication with other smart devices for fast image sharing, remote control and viewing, and quick reporting from the field


FLIR T1020 Comparison:

Full FLIR Thermal Camera Range Comparison Chart


What comes with the FLIR T1020:

  • FLIR T1020 HD Thermal Camera
  • Comes with a choice of lens
  • 2 x Batteries
  • Battery Charger
  • HDMI-HDMI Cable
  • Hard Transport Case
  • Large Eyecup
  • Lens Cap
  • Neck Strap
  • Power Supply + Multi Plugs
  • USB Cable (Standard A to Micro-B)
  • Calibration Certificate
  • FLIR Thermal Studio Pro Software (3 Month Subscription)
  • FLIR Route Plugin for the FLIR Thermal Studio Pro Software (3 Month Subscription)
  • User Documentation on CD-ROM
  • Printed Documentation
  • Bluetooth Headset
  • SD Card

Lens Options with the T1020:

  • (72501-0101) 12°, 83.4 mm Extend the reach to measure small or distant objects. Great for: transmission lines, substations, large industrial facilities.
  • (72501-0102) 28°, 36 mm - Standard all-around lens that works well for close and distant targets.
  • (72501-0103) 45°, 21.2 mm - Wide angle lens covers 2.8 times more area in a single shot to capture images of large machines, processes, or facilities.
  • 3x Close-up - Close-up lens is perfect for viewing small electronics and can image details.


Technical Specification for: FLIR T1020 HD Thermal Camera with Viewfinder (45° Lens)


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
T199064 IR Lens f=36mm (28⁰) with case £4,829.00 ADD
T199066 IR lens f=21.2mm (45⁰) with case £4,829.00 ADD
T199077 IR Lens f=83.4mm (12⁰) with case £6,149.00 ADD
T198126 Battery Charger £262.00 ADD
T910814 Power Supply incl. Multi Plugs £99.00 ADD
T198509 Cigarette Lighter Adapter Kit 12 VDC 1.2 m/3.9 ft. £66.00 ADD
T198533 USB cable £51.00 ADD
T910891ACC HDMI to HDMI Cable 1.5 m £47.00 ADD
T910930ACC HDMI to DVI Cable 1.5 m £48.00 ADD
T198497 Large Eyecap price on request
T198499 Neck Strap price on request
T199065 Close-up lens 3X (51µm) with case (T10XX) price on request
T197771ACC Bluetooth Headset £152.00 ADD