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MR60 Combination Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter

FLIR MR60 Moisture Meter Pro is an easy-to-use pin & pinless moisture meter with advanced functionality to meet all your professional measurement needs. Advanced functionality to meet all your professional needs with clear, accurate readings.

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FLIR MR60 Combination Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter

The FLIR MR60 is an easy-to-use, advanced pin and pinless moisture meter offering the flexibility of destructive and non-destructive measurements. Select one of the 11 material groups for pin moisture or set a reference point for pinless moisture scanning.  Then conveniently save screenshots of your measurements as a CSV file with the date, time, and settings.

The FLIR MR60 is also compatible with FLIR’s full line of external moisture probes, so you have the flexibility to expand your meter as needed.

Portable and durable enough to withstand a 3-meter drop, you can take MR60 with you anywhere, even to your toughest jobs!

FLIR MR60 Key Features:

  • Save up to 10,000 screenshots to transfer and view on a PC
  • Programmable high-moisture alarm with audible and colour/visual alerts
  • Bright, easy-to-read colour display
  • Includes FLIR Tools professional reporting software (for file management and report generation)
  • Rugged design that can withstand a 3-meter drop
  • Quickly scan for moisture using the integrated non-invasive pinless moisture sensor
  • External pin probe (included) for resistive moisture content measurements
  • Pin or Pinless moisture readings are displayed with large digits and colour bargraph
  • Eleven material group selections for pin‐based readings
  • Simple to use and create reports - No special training required to operate
  • Intuitive graphical user interface with helpful function labels in local languages

What comes with the FLIR MR60?

  • FLIR MR60 Combination Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter
  • MR04 Extension Pole
  • MR05 Impact Pin Probe
  • MR06 Wall Cavity Probe
  • MR07 Hammer Probe
  • MR08 Hammer and Wall Cavity Probe Combo
  • MR09 Baseboard Probe
  • MR10 Protective Case


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