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175 T1 Temperature data logger

The testo 175 T1 T2 Temperature Data Loggers are ideal for monitoring storage temperatures & long-term monitoring. It is certified for use in food environments & measures & logs temperatures constantly & reliably.

Part Number:
0572 1751

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testo 175 T1 / testo 175 T2 Temperature Data loggers

testo 175 are the compact data loggers for the long-term monitoring of refrigerated and deep-freeze rooms as well as for the documentation of transport temperature in delivery vehicles.  The large 1 million measurement value memory and the long-life batteries allow readout at greater intervals, in spite of the shorter measurement rate. The free ComSoft Basic software allows fast programming of the data logger and easy data analysis.


testo 175 Key Features:

  • High data security
  • Easy to read, large display
  • Measurement data memory for 1 million measurement values
  • Perfect for long-term measurements: memory records up to 1 million readings, battery life of up to 3 years can be achieved
  • You are ready to start straight away with the set: including three temperature loggers, basic software on CD, USB interface, SD memory card, lock and wall bracket
  • Practical: you can read the current measuring values, min./max. values, limit values and violations of limit values on the logger’s display
  • HACCP-compliant, EN 12830 certified and protection class IP 65


What‘s the advantage of the testo 175 T2?

testo 175 T2 additionally has a connection for an external NTC temperature probe for measuring the core temperature of goods, for example.


testo 175 Applications:

  • Monitoring and documentation of the temperature in cold storage rooms - Data loggers are usually placed at the ‘Critical Control Points‘ (CCPs) of a cold storage room to enable any fluctuations in temperature to be detected and appropriate action to be taken. Critical places include doors or passages into other temperature zones within a warehouse.

  • Monitoring the temperature in frozen food storage areas - There are many facilities where (deep) frozen foods need to be stored. These range from individual freezer rooms at small food manufacturers (e.g. butchers), restaurants and supermarkets, freezer rooms in the food processing industry, right through to specialised cold storage warehouses/high bay freezer warehouses. In all of these facilities, the temperature has to be documented continuously.

    Data loggers are typically used to measure the air temperature in these kinds of storage facilities. The measuring instrument is positioned within the freezer room at the critical places where possible, such as by doors or refrigeration units, where it records temperature data at specified intervals (typically: every 15 minutes).  With the aid of special software, the recorded data can consequently be analysed and stored.
  • Monitoring and documentation of storage temperatures - The direct display of violations of limit values allows fluctuations in temperature to be responded to fast. With the aid of the configuration and read out software, custom measurement configurations can also be made and recorded measurement data can be both analysed and stored.
  • Monitoring and documentation of transit temperatures - The smooth recording and documentation of measurement data plays a significant role for all products that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, or which need to be stored in a predesignated area.  The wrong temperature conditions during transportation can result in major losses in quality right through to a complete loss of value for the monitored products.  With the aid of a data logger, goods in transit can be monitored to make sure specified temperature zones are being observed; this can then be read out, analysed and stored using special software.


Testo 175 Temperature Data Logger Options:

  • (0572 1751) Testo 175 T1 - Temperature data logger
    • 1-channel temperature logger with internal sensor (NTC) incl. wall holder, lock, batteries and calibration protocol
  • (0572 1752) Testo 175 T2 - Temperature data logger
    • 2-channel temperature data logger with internal (NTC), and external sensor connection (NTC) incl. wall holder, lock, batteries and calibration protocol


Technical Specification for: Testo 175 T1 Temperature data logger

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