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176 H1 Humidity; Temperature Climate Data Logger (4 Channel)

Testo 176 H1 & 176 H2 are climate data logger designed to monitor temperature & humidity. Perfect for monitoring & documenting building climate in production facilities, warehouses & apartment blocks for instance.

Part Number:
0572 1765

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TESTO 176 H1 / TESTO 176 H2 Data Loggers

When short-term measurements show no anomalies, but the ambient storage conditions still do not fulfil the desired requirements then look towards the testo 176 H1 or testo 176 H2 for a solution. Both these models have two connections for external temperature and humidity probes which can be positioned in a room according to individual requirements.

The metal housing of the testo 176 H2 guarantees robustness and protects from mechanical influences such as impact. This ensures a long lifetime even in rough surroundings. The clear display of the testo 176 H1, on the other hand, provides on-site information on measurement values and limit value violations. The free ComSoft Basic software allows fast programming of the data logger as well as easy data analysis.

This climate data loggers make the security of your measurement data top priority. As soon as you start a measurement program and values for temperature and humidity are stored in the data logger, these will never be lost again. Even when the battery is spent or replaced.


Testo 176 Key Features:

  • High level of data security
  • For two external temperature/humidity probes
  • Parallel measurement at two sites
  • Measurement data memory 2 million measurement values
  • Up to 8 years‘ battery life
  • Data transfer via USB cable or SD card
  • Includes a lock to protect against unauthorised access
  • Three software versions are available for measurement data analysis on the PC, basic software can be downloaded free of charge


What are the key differences between testo 176 H1 and H2?

Testo 176 H1 comes with a large easy to read display on which you can view programmed limit values, min. and max. values, limit value violations as well as the remaining battery life easily from the large display. It is therefore not necessary to read out the temperature and humidity logger to a PC in order to gain a quick overview.

  • Record up to two humidity and temperature values simultaneously with optionally connectable probes.

Testo 176 H1 Applications:

  • Monitoring and documentation of building climate
  • Monitoring and documentation of storage temperature and humidity
  • Mould in an apartment: With the temperature and humidity data logger you can find out whether moisture and mould on ceilings and walls are the consequence of building damage or a sign of incorrect ventilation behaviour.

Testo 176 H2 is encased in a metal housing for more robustness, complete IP 65 rating it‘s water jet and dust protected.  This robustness means the unit is protected against hard impacts and will maintain its durability even in harsh environmental conditions, and it‘s particularly handy if cleaning is undertaken at the measuring location.

  • Measure humidity and temperature on two channels thanks to its two connections for external sensors

Testo 176 H2 Applications:

  • Monitoring and documentation of the air conditioning in buildings
  • Monitoring and documentation of the temperature and humidity in production and in warehouses


Testo 176 Temperature Data Logger Options:

  • (0572 1765) Testo 176 H1 - 4 Channel Data Logger
    • 4-channel data logger for temperature and humidity testo 176 H1 with external probe connections (NTC/capacitive humidity sensor), including wall bracket, battery and calibration protocol.
  • (0572 1766) Testo 176 H2 - Climate data logger for humidity and temperature
    • Climate data logger for humidity/temperature with connections for 2 external sensors (NTC/capacitive humidity sensor) including wall bracket, lock, batteries and calibration protocol.





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