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608-H1 Thermohygrometer

Testo 608 Thermohygrometers enable you to always keep an eye on the indoor climate! Boasting a large display which easily legible even at a distance!

Part Number:
0560 6081

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Testo 608 Thermohygrometers Continuous Indoor Climate Monitoring

Easy-to-use, easy-to-clean measuring device can provide you with reliable readings for years to come.

The low-budget hygrometer testo 608 continuously measures humidity, temperature and dewpoint. The large display is easily legible even at a distance, the suspension and standing fixtures allow flexible positioning on a table or the wall.

Testo 608 is ideally suited to determine temperature, humidity and dew point in...

  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Laboratories
  • Garden centres
  • Storerooms
  • Living areas

Testo 608 Key Features:

  • Large display, easily legible even at a distance
  • Continuous display of temperature, humidity and dewpoint
  • Max. and min. value display
  • Battery monitor
  • High accuracy ±2 %RH
  • The suspension and standing fixtures allow flexible positioning on a table or the wall
  • NTC temperature probe which performs very precise temperature measurements and a capacitive humidity sensor which is characterised by its long-term stability
  • Additional advantages testo 608-H2: LED alarm reports limit value violations

What is the difference between the Testo 608-H1 and 608-H2?

Testo 608-H1

If you are not interested in measurement data documentation and management, but just want to be able to view the current readings at any time this option is the best for you. The thermohygrometer shows you temperature, humidity and dew point on its clear display.

Includes: Testo 608-H1 thermohygrometer humidity/dewpoint/temperature incl. battery and calibration protocol

Testo 608-H2

This options enables you to document and archive measuring data and view the temperature and humidity and calculate and display the dew point whenever it is needed.

In addition, the testo 608-H2 has an LED visual alarm that is activated when a threshold has been exceeded. Both the upper and the lower threshold can be individually configured.

Includes: Testo 608-H2 hygrometer, humidity/dewpoint/temperature, with LED alarm, battery and calibration protocol




Technical Specification for: Testo 608-H1 Thermohygrometer

Sensor typesNTCTesto humid. sensor, cap.NTCTesto humid. sensor, cap.
Measuring range0 to +50 °C+10 to +95 %RH-10 to +70 °C+2 to +98 %RH
-20 to +50 °C td-40 to +70 °C td
Accuracy ±1 digit±0.5 °C (at +25 °C)±3 %RH (+10 to +95 %RH)±0.5 °C (at +25 °C)±2 %RH (+2 to +98 %RH)
Resolution0.1 °C0.1 %RH0.1 °C0.1 %RH
Operating temperature0 to +50 °C0 to +50 °C-10 to +70 °C-10 to +70 °C
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