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2062 Advanced Pro Wire Tracer Kit

FLUKE 2062 Advanced Pro Wire Tracing Kit is built for whatever job site you‘re on, residential, commercial & the toughest industrial environments.

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FLUKE 2062 Advanced Pro Wire Tracer Kit

The FLUKE 2062 Advanced Wire Tracer accurately and safely troubleshoots energised and de-energised wires in residential, commercial, and industrial environments up to CAT IV 600 V. This CAT rating offers the highest protection available on any wire tracer. It’s designed to protect you from the most dangerous levels of transient overvoltage, spikes up to 8,000 V, that can occur in industrial and utility environments.

This is especially important for scenarios you may encounter in environments like industrial plants, factories, and hospitals where critical equipment cannot be taken offline.


▶ Video Overview: FLUKE Advanced Wire Testers

As run through of the FLUKE wire testers


FLUKE 2062 is perfect for:

  • Commercial Electricians/Contractors who:
    • Works primarily on commercial but also some residential
    • Responsible for installing, maintaining and repairing electrical systems and equipment in offices, corporate buildings, hotels, shopping centres and government buildings
    • Works on larger-scale projects and also handles estimates and project management for new buildings or renovation projects
    • Works with 110 to 480 V
  • Facilities Maintenance Technician who:
    • Works primarily on commercial and industrial
    • Is responsible for mechanical and electrical installations as well as facilities equipment and building maintenance
    • Works on electrical installations which include a wide variety of equipment (copiers, computers, receptacles, lighting, motors, generators, starters, HVAC equipment, manufacturing or production equipment)
    • Operates more reactively handling job requests throughout the day


FLUKE 2062 Key Features:

  • Designed for wire tracing in residential, commercial, and the toughest industrial environments
  • Accurately and safely troubleshoot/locate energised and de-energised wires quickly in walls, ceilings, and floors
  • CAT IV 600 V safety rated
    • Designed to protect you from the most dangerous levels of transient overvoltage and spikes up to 8,000 V
  • Find breaks or opens and shorts, and identify breakers and fuses easily
  • Different modes/functions affords you the flexibility to adapt to your workflow and application
  • Includes the i400 AC Current Clamp accessory for inducing a tracing signal on the cable when there is no access to bare conductors


  • 2 transmitter output frequencies
    • The 2000T Transmitter automatically senses whether the system is energised or de-energised and selects a 6 kHz or 33 kHz output frequency
  • 8 receiver sensitivity levels
    • The 2062R Receiver sensitivity levels mean more flexibility and accuracy when tracing
  • 4 receiver tracing modes (the 2062R Receiver detects the signal in wires and cables using 2 methods: Passive tracing without the transmitter for noncontact voltage detection. Active tracing with the transmitter for all other modes)
    • ‘Smart Sensor‘ mode for energised wire detection and visualisation on the large color LCD
    • ‘Tip Sensor‘ mode for more precise detection of a wire
    • ‘Breaker‘ mode for easy breaker and fuse identification based on the highest recorded signal detected from the transmitter
    • ‘Non-Contact Voltage Detection‘ mode to trace energised wires without the use of the transmitter
  • 2062 Transmitter (2000T) with 3 power transmitter modes (works on energised and de-energised circuits up to CAT IV 600 V and features high, low, and loop modes. These modes change the strength of the induced signal, helping provide more accurate results, depending on the circuit you’re tracing)
    • ‘High‘ mode for normal energised and de-energised circuits
    • ‘Low‘ mode for precision tracing with a low signal to reduce coupling to nearby wires and metal objects
    • ‘Loop‘ mode for closed loop de-energised circuits


What does the FLUKE 2062 offer over the 2052?

The FLUKE 2062 offers patented Smart Sensor making wire tracing faster and easier; it locates and displays energised wires within walls, floors, and ceilings on a high-resolution on a larger 3.5-inch TFT LCD color display. Embedded help screens on the display makes it easy to use, whether you’re a novice or an expert. While the tip sensor provides an audible tone when locating wires, the Smart Sensor helps you visualise and pinpoint the orientation of energised wires, eliminating guesswork.

The FLUKE 2062 also includes a Smart Strap Magnetic Hanger!


▶ Video: FLUKE 2062 Advanced Wire Tester - Smart Sensor

FLUKE 2062 Advanced Wire Tester - Smart Sensor


▶ Video: What‘s in the box FLUKE 2062

What do you get with the FLUKE 2062

What comes with the FLUKE 2062?

  • FLUKE 2062R Advanced Pro Wire Tracer Receiver with Smart Sensor
  • FLUKE 2000T Advanced Wire Tracer Transmitter
  • i400 AC Current Clamp
  • FLUKE 2000ACC Test Lead Accessory Kit
  • Smart strap magnetic hanger
  • Premium hard carrying case
  • Batteries
  • Quick reference guide


▶ Video: FLUKE Advanced Wire Testers - Grounding

Grouding the FLUKE wire testers


Comparison Chart for: Fluke 2062 Advanced Pro Wire Tracer Kit

Measurement and safety ratingCAT IV 600 VCAT IV 600 V
Voltage measurement0 to 600 V AC/DC0 to 600 V AC/DC
Traces both energised and de- energised wires
Smart Sensor technology to visually locate and display wires
Identifies breakers
Finds opens and shorts
Non-contact voltage detection
Transmitter output frequencies32 kHz and 6 kHz32 kHz and 6 kHz
Transmitter modes33
Receiver tracing modes44
Receiver sensitivity levels88
Drop tested1 meter1 meter
IP ratingIP40IP40
Receiver display2.5" TFT LCD3.5" TFT LCD
Signal clamp attachment to induce signal
Includes magnetic hanger strap
Test lead accessory kit
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