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FD550 Digital Circuit Breaker and Fuse Finder

Martindale FD550 is an elite Circuit Breaker and Fuse Finder designed to identifying poorly labelled fuses & breakers easy without the need to power down each circuit to identify the one you need to work on.

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Martindale FD550 Digital Circuit Breaker and Fuse Finder

For some installations where things are poorly labelled trying to trace circuits and equipment to the fuse or circuit breaker that protects and controls them can be a tough job. Usually requiring a lot of patience especially if the building occupier doesn‘t want you to cause disruption by switching circuits on and off. So whether you‘re undertaking periodic inspection and testing, fault finding, or even just like that defying circuits on a poorly labelled distribution board... you can‘t beat having a fuse finder such as the Martindale FD550.

The FD550 comprises of a transmitter and a detector which can also serve as a handy voltage indicator and is CATIV rated to 600 volts.

The transmitter can be connected to either a socket outlet using the plug provided.

Once the transmitter is connected and is working the detector can be set to find and proved against the transmitter. It‘s important to ensure that the green battery LED is continuously illuminating.

The FD550 has both a manual and automatic threshold mode for locating circuit protective devices.  The auto mode sets the sensitivity to ignore weaker signals which can be caused by coupling between circuits ensuring easy detection in a wide range of installations.

The receiver will work with multiple transmitters and can also be used as a non-contact voltage indicator.


▶ A run through of the Martindale FD550:


Martindale FD550 Key Features:

  • Simple tracing of fuses and breakers from sockets
  • Visual and audible indication
  • Fast manual mode
  • Self-adjusting auto mode
  • Mains powered plug-in transmitter
  • Dual function receiver and non-contact voltage indicator


What comes with the Martindale FD550?

  • Receiver
  • Transmitter
  • Batteries
  • Instruction Manual


Technical Specification for: Martindale FD550 Digital Circuit Breaker and Fuse Finder