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LMX200 Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR - Advanced)

Radiodetection LMX200 GPR detect traditionally non-locatables: non-metallic pipes, inc. PVC & asbestos cement, underground electrical cables, sewer systems, utilities where installed tracer wiring has failed & more...

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Radiodetection LMX200 Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR - Advanced)

LMX200 is the premier GPR locating tool in the market today, expanding on the LMX100 to include additional in-field capabilities:

  • Grids / Depth Slices complete coverage of complex areas
  • SplitView
  • MapView
  • Optional external GPS
  • Data export for further analysis and reporting using the EKKO_Project Software


Radiodetection LMX200 Key Features:

  • The premier GPR locating tool in the market today
  • Increases locate confidence by adding depth slice imaging and in-field interpretations
  • In-field Depth Slices allows you to process grid data into depth slices
    • Move down through your data to visualise targets at different depths
  • Flexible and guided grid collection guides you through setup with pre-selected grid sizes (stop lines early, or skip lines)
  • Colour-coded field interpretations
    • Classify your targets in real-time by selecting a colour option and touching the screen
  • High visibility touch-screen display
  • Free lifetime system software updates
  • User-selectable languages and metric
  • Lead acid gel cell battery (long lasting and swappable)
  • Produce instant on-site reports from your display
  • Integrated GPS receiver for geo-referencing data
  • Rugged, all-terrain cart with integrated odometer, easily manoeuvrable over any surface
  • Lightweight fiberglass cart frame 
  • No metal parts that would interfere with GPR signals
  • USB port for easy data transfer
  • Built-in Wi-Fi capability


Radiodetection LMX200 Application:

Today‘s more challenging subsurface environment places operators with the ability to use a full range of locating technology at a distinct advantage.  Utility locators need to effectively:

  • Locate and verify all subsurface utilities
  • Verify as-built records
  • Develop accurate underground maps for subsurface utility engineering projects

Ground-penetrating radar is essential for locating non-conductive utilities and complements the use of conventional induction locating devices.  GPR uses radio waves to detect traditionally non-locatable subsurface features such:

As non metallic pipes including PVC and dispersed to cement

  • Concrete storm and sewer systems
  • Utilities where installed tracer wiring is failed
  • Underground storage tanks
  • Tile and septic system components
  • Non-utility structures such as vaults foundation walls and concrete paths

Adding GPR to your locating toolkit allows you to increase the range of jobs you can tackle and reduces errors and uncertainty.


What is the difference between LMX100 and LMX200?

Sensors & Software‘s GPR products are rugged and easy to use the LMX family assistance provides the perfect balance of price and capability to meet all the GPR needs of a modern locating business.

The LMX100 allows you to quickly and easily locate targets, mark their location and determine their depth.  Operation is simple - view the screen as you‘re collecting data, note when you pass over a target, back up to mark the location on the ground and move on.

The LMX200 is the premier GPR locating tool in the market today! Sensors & Software‘s new and breakthrough dynamic target enhancement technology DynaT is like 2 GPRS in 1:

  • Optimises views of shallow, medium and deep targets; these views can be toggled by the user and displayed individually or together giving unprecedented insights and target confidence
  • Data collected in a rectangular grid delivers real-time 3D depth slicing on-site; depth slicing reveals the orientation between multiple pipes and cables at different depths and outlines the extent of volts, foundations and buried tanks - Especially useful at complex sites!
  • Locate utilities and assign colour classifications directly on the touch-screen in real-time as they are located.  These targets are immediately visible in plan views, and are included in output reports.

At any point during the survey you can save screen captures of line data, map views and depth slices, and by connecting to a Wi-Fi network you can instantly email a mini report from the display unit to your office, or your customers.

LMX200 built-in GPS allows you to easily display your location in Google Earth and other similar geo reference platforms.  Working with the available GPS kit identified targets can be displayed on the unit in a map view.  This provides further confirmation of linear features suggesting further areas to review before you leave the site.

With the high accuracy GPS you can save time by avoiding the need to set up a grid for data collection, simply scan back and forth across the area of interest and seamlessly post-process your data into 3D depth slices.

Data can be saved to a memory stick for archiving and transfer to a computer, files can be exported or seamlessly opened and analysed using EKKO_Project GPR analysis software.  This powerful intuitive program allows easy interpretation and processing, as well as advanced report generation.  It also enables easy integration into CAD drawings and GIS databases.



▶ In-depth video exploring the benefits for Sensors & Software‘s LMX:


Comparison Chart for: Radiodetection LMX200 Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR - Advanced)

Real-time locate and mark
Grid scan mode
In-field depth slicing
External GPS option
GPR Data Export (post-processing in optional SW)
File management