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HAL 104 Advanced Multi-Function Safety Tester (Hipot)

The Seaward CLARE HAL 104 is the flagship product in the HAL Series & is designed to dramatically improve the efficiency & productivity of production line testing.

Part Number:
HAL 104

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Seaward CLARE HAL 104 Safety Tester - Production Line Testing

Seaward are the market leaders in the manufacture of electrical safety testing equipment. Seaward‘s products are designed to offer advanced automation techniques which make dramatic improvements in productivity and efficiency of the production line manufacturing test process

The HAL electrical safety testers are compact and intelligent, designed to improve the efficiency of your production line testing process with the comprehensive range of test features, including: earth bond, dielectric strength insulation resistance, earth leakage, touch leakage, power and power factor tests. The HAL helps manufacturers worldwide meet international safety standards and quickly verifies the safety and quality of any type of electrical product.

Designed with ease of use in mind, the HAL user-friendly menu structure makes setting up automatic and user-defined test sequences simple; plus its compatibility with the barcode reader further speeds up the testing routine and reduces the risk of human error. Test results can be stored automatically into the HAL‘s on-board memory, then download to a PC ensuring optimum traceability of results and giving you peace of mind.

When used with safety software e-Base the HAL can be controlled from a PC and test data management is improved with the ability to store results directly to a secure folder on your server.

The HAL‘s many safety features ensure ease-of-use and the protection of your test operatives according to the EN50191 safety standard, as well as assuring the quality of products passing through your production line.

The availability of a range of bolt-on accessories guarantees there‘s a HAL to meet your testing requirements, ensuring optimum safety and productivity on your production line whilst also meeting audit requirements through traceability of results.

A fast consistent and flexible safety tester to the HAL offers you the solution to your production line testing requirements!


The Clare HAL 104

The Clare HAL 104 is not only a state-of-the-art multifunctional Hipot Tester, it also combines the ability to carry out power tests and protective conductor leakage measurements.

The Clare HAL 104 can be used for manual or fully automated testing and can also be fully integrated into any existing system using a PC directly controlled by an administrator, the simple intuitive user interface enables easy push-button manual testing with minimal user set up required. The full power of this unique instrument can be used to automate the testing sequence for fast performance on the most demanding production lines. The Claire HALL 104 is the best multifunction Hipot Tester for all your testing requirements!

The Seaward CLARE HAL 104, the flagship product in the HAL series has been designed to dramatically improve the efficiency and productivity of production line testing and features:

  • Analogue inputs allow testing to be recorded on the HAL from external devices e.g. recording the speed of a motor whilst in operation
  • Digital outputs enable control of external devices using relay control e.g. switching matrices
  • Compatibility with PowerSmart and SwitchSmart for advanced automation full complement of electrical safety tests
  • Power/leakage measurement for operational, safety and quality checks


CLARE HAL 104 Key Features:

  • Advanced integration options
  • On-board storage
    • Large memory for test result storage with the capability to add a product reference for traceability
  • Test sequences
    • Fully configurable automatic test sequences to improve your efficiency reducing user interaction
  • Full suite of tests
    • The HAL performs many tests including Ground Bond, AC & DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance
  • Fully compliant
    • Tests to IEC/EN 60950, IEC/EN 61010, BS EN 60335-1, BS EN 60598 and BS EN 60745, and many others


Electrical Test Functions:

  • Earth Bond Test
  • AC Dielectric Strength Test
  • DC Dielectric Strength Test
  • Insulation Resistance
  • ARC Detection
  • Earth Leakage
  • Power Test
  • Power Factor Test


HAL Series Perfect For:

  • Designed for greater productivity, the HAL Series is best suited for mid to high volume manufacturing and production lines
  • Production and Manufacturing Engineers/Managers
  • Quality Managers
  • Safety Engineers

▶ Video: Overview of The Seaward CLARE HAL Series

Video thumbnail for the Seaward CLARE HAL Series


Comparison Chart for: Clare HAL 104 Advanced Multi-Function Safety Tester (Hipot)

Ground Bond Test
AC/Hipot Test
DC/Hipot Test
DC Insulation Resistance Test
ARC Detection
Leakage Test
Load Power Test
Load Power (200mVA resolution) Test
Power Factor
Results Memory
Automation Option
Barcode Scanner/Printer Option


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
01520/1 1m Earth Probe £114.00 ADD
03918/2 2m HT Probe; Red £75.00 ADD
03919/2 2m HT Probe Yellow with HT Plug £80.00 ADD
194A922 Barcode Scanner £184.00 ADD
CON 965/LINK Guard Plug with Link £42.00 ADD
DCS317 Guard Switch £68.00 ADD
H-5003 HT Output Clip Lead £42.00 ADD
H-5014 Comms Lead £42.00 ADD
H-5017 Status Beacon - HAL Series £257.00 ADD
H-5030 Printer Lead (Desk Test 'n' Tag) £57.00 ADD
Y160H Fault Simulator - Three Pin Plug £135.00 ADD
312A952 Desk Test n Tag Printer Ribbon £59.00 ADD
48319 13A Mains Lead; 1.5m £41.00 ADD
312A916 Desk Test 'n' Tag Printer £612.00 ADD