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TAG 5000 11-33kV Wireless Phasing Device

Clydesdale Wireless Phasing Device TAG 5000 the 1st phasing device available without cumbersome leads & wires. Consists of 2 parts,a transmitter & receiver.

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CLY 300 5-1133

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TAG 5000 11-33kV Phasing Device without leads and wires for ease of use

The first phasing device available without cumbersome leads and wires as such, banishing all of those disadvantages to history. Easy to use and together with its in built self checking system which tests all of the internal circuits, battery connections, as well as the stability of its threshold voltage reliability is almost beyond doubt. Further security features include an auto stop mechanism for battery protection and an auto switch, which means should the operator forget to engage the unit, and it comes into contact with a voltage presence the device will automatically turn itself on.

The device consists of 2 parts, Transmitter and Receiver. The Transmitter (GREY) which also acts as a voltage detector by means of an audible and visual signal, then measures the phase angle and transmits this information to the receiver. The Receiver (BLUE) then compares the information received to that of the phase it is in contact with, if the result is an ‘in phase‘ situation then the receiver emits an audible and visual signal. Any obstacles such as walls or doors do not hinder the signal sent by the Transmitter. The HF link is coded at 27MHz and as such needs no type approval.


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