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KT300 Digital Insulation/Continuity Tester

The Kewtech KT300 is an insulation / continuity tester that covers your 18 edition requirements with a 200mA continuity test & a choice of 5 insulation test voltages, plus it covers datacomms too! A hands-free facility together with the included magnetic holder frees your hands to control the probes. This unit can also give you the DC voltage breakdown of an SPD.

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Kewtech KT300 Digital Insulation / Continuity Tester

The Kewtech KT300 is a small, light and robust insulation / continuity tester, measuring only 180mm long, less than 85mm wide, and complete with batteries weighs in at only 420g!

It conducts continuity testing with a 200mA specified current, has a test lead nulling function and a separate ‘Buzzer’ mode that assists in ‘belling out’ circuits by sounding when the resistance is less than 50 ohms.

Insulation tests can be carried out from 50V to 1000V including the important 500V and 250V for 18th edition testing, when it‘s not possible to test at 500V.

A DC breakdown voltage feature ramps up the insulation test voltage and indicates when the insulation breaks down. This can be used to indicate the status of an SPD (Surge Protection Device).

A magnetic hanger is provided enabling you to clip and hang the instrument off any metallic surface and the electronic hands-free feature puts the tester in constant measuring mode.  The tests are started when the probes are connected to the circuit under test. These features together mean you have your hands fully free to use the probes. Additionally, there is a clip out leg to enable the tester to be freestanding.

An automatic back-light operates when testing helping you out in dark places, whilst being economic on battery usage.


Single function testers are a great alternative to an MFT

Kewtech small and feature rich single function testers use the latest in technology and provide a truly viable alternative to a multifunction tester for 18th edition testing. Most of your testing will be catered for by your insulation / continuity tester, your RCD & Loop tester only coming out when power is connected.


▶ Check out Kewtech‘s Single Function Testers:

Video thumbnail for the Kewtech‘s Single Function Testers:


Kewtech KT300 Key Features:

  • Low current no trip L – E loop test
  • High current L – E Loop test
  • High current, high resolution
  • PSC / PFC measurements
  • AC Voltage VLN, VLE, VNE
  • Distribution network polarity
  • Hands free function
  • Polarity and voltage present warning LED
  • Backlight


What comes with the Kewtech KT300?

  • Kewtech KT300 Digital Insulation and Continuity Tester
  • KAMP 12 Mains lead
  • Magnetic hanger
  • Carry Case
  • Manual
  • Calibration certificate


Comparison Chart for: Kewtech KT300 Digital Insulation/Continuity Tester

Insulation test (50V, 100V, 250V, 500V, 1000V)PSC / PFC TESTERTests AC, ACS, A type RCDs
Continuity test with audible toneNo Trip LOOP L-E test30mA Auto test
Buzzer modeHigh current L-E loop test Ramp Test
Test lead null facilityHigh current, high resolution L-E / L-N loop testAC Voltage Vln
Hands free function AC Voltage Vln -Vle -VneDistribution network polarity test
Voltage present LED Distribution network polarity testResult Recall
Automatic backlightPFC / PSC measurementsHands free function
Auto switch offHands free functionPolarity, voltage present LED
Breakdown voltage functionPolarity, voltage present LED
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