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IRW 2 Inch Anodised Aluminium IR Window (IRW-2C)

FLIR IR Window (Infrared Window) Anodised Aluminium with PIRMA-Lock (Anti-corrosion anodised aluminium frame). Carry out a thermal scan without opening up a steel or lexan cabinet. This means you can inspect energised equipment at a lower risk.

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FLIR IR Windows - Anodised Aluminium with PIRMA-Lock

Anti-corrosion anodised aluminium frame.

Safer, more efficient electrical IR inspections!

You put your life at risk every time you inspect live electric components–but you don’t have to. FLIR’s IRW-Series inspection windows add a protective barrier between you and energised equipment. There’s no need to pile on the layers of protection* needed to open up the electrical cabinet.  You’ll perform inspections more efficiently and reduce the threat of arc flash injury, all while staying in compliance with NFPA 70E requirements.  FLIR IRW-Series windows feature a permanent hinged cover that flips open easily, so there’s nothing to drop, mix up, or lose.  Choose the standard anti-corrosion anodised aluminium frame, or if there are mixed-metal concerns, opt for durable stainless steel.  This will help prevent galvanic corrosion from contact between the stainless steel cabinet and window frame.

*Personal protective equipment (PPE) may still be required as determined by your plant safety personnel.



FLIR IR Windows Key Benefits:

  • Reduces the need to open cabinets for inspections
  • Easy to install
  • Shortens inspection time
  • Cuts the cost of inspections
  • Automatically grounds metal components
  • PIRma-Lock - Tried-and-true locknut technology holds the ring in place so there‘s no need for extra screws
  • Simple flip-open hatch secured with thumb screw releases
  • Permanently-hinged cover prevents dropping, mix-ups, and loss
  • Inside label for permanent identification
  • Broadband crystal lenses transmit short, mid, and long-wave IR while also allowing illumination to shine through.
  • Works with all thermal and visual inspection cameras
  • Allows laser pointers and illumination to shine through
  • Saves time and labour by eliminating the need to remove panel covers
  • Can reduce or eliminate need for cumbersome PPE*
  • Durable for harsh environments and the outdoors


Various FLIR IR Window Size Options:

  • (19250-100) 2 Inch FLIR IRW Anodised Aluminium IR Window
  • (19251-100) 3 Inch FLIR IRW Anodised Aluminium IR Window
  • (19252-100) 4 Inch FLIR IRW Anodised Aluminium IR Window



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