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CV400 ClirVu 4 inch IR Window

FLUKE CV400 ClirVu 95 mm (4 inch) Infrared (IR) Window with hand turn door latch. FLUKE IR Windows are complete, assembled & ready for installation. With 5 minute install & there’s no more need to power down or remove panels - you may never have to open the panel door again!

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FLUKE CV400 ClirVu 95 mm (4 in) IR Window

Compliance without compromise, safety without sacrifice - Get a clearer view with FLUKE Infrared Windows!

Once a ClirVu IR Window is installed, there’s no more need to power down or remove panels you may never have to open the panel door again.

Inspections are conducted quickly, easily, and of course, safely. Decreasing risks of arc flash may also result in lower insurance costs.  Your greatest investment is not what’s behind the panel, so when FLUKE made the decision to manufacture infrared windows, our priority was to offer the ultimate protection for the electricians, engineers and inspectors who risk their lives doing their jobs. At the same time, the quest for safety has led to numerous technological advancements resulting in faster installation and inspections. It’s safe to say, ClirVu is all you need to be both compliant and more productive at your job.

Safety shouldn’t be secondary!
“Better safe than sorry” a modern mantra for companies who want protection from the physical and economic tragedies that can result from arc flash incidents.  If there’s ever a problem, it won’t be a question of whether or not you’ve done the minimums, but whether you’ve done as much as possible to protect your people. With FLUKE IR Windows comes the confidence that when it comes to the safety of your people, you have not compromised.

Every time you open a panel cover, you expose yourself to the potential dangers of arc flash. 99.9% of all arc flash incidents occur when the panel door is opened. Eliminate that risk with ClirVu IR windows.

A company’s greatest investment is not the equipment that’s behind the panel door. It’s the electricians, engineers and inspectors who risk their lives every day doing their jobs.


FLUKE CV400 ClirVu Key Features:

  • Size: 4 in (95 mm)
  • Increase the safety and speed of your electrical infrared inspections
  • Under 5 minute installation with 1 person; no need to remove panel door
  • Clearly view equipment both visually and thermally with ClirVu coating that protects the optic from the elements
  • Corrosion and UV resistant for challenging outdoor environments - IP67 rugged
  • Built to the highest arc blast protection (63kA arc tested):
    • High temperature silicon gaskets
    • Mounting and door latches provide high pressure gasket compression
    • Die cast components are manufactured with the highest strength alloys Jam nut screws are made from 4037 steel, heat treated to 160,000 psi tensile
  • Torture Tested to the highest test ratings:
    • IEEE C37.20.7 63 kA Arc tested at KEMA, UL 50/50E/50V, UL1558, IEC60529-1: IP67, IEC 60068, NEMA 4/12, CSA C22.2 NO. 14-13:2012, and CE
    • Corrosion and UV resistance for challenging outdoor environments

FLUKE CV400 ClirVu Fast Installation:

With the AutoGround design installation is less than 5 minutes!  FLUKE has eliminated the need to separately ground each metal component of the window. The time saved and safety benefits from installation alone clearly make Fluke the preferred choice.

  • Make one hole with standard Greenlee punch
  • Panel door does not need to be removed
  • Grounds instantly to metal enclosure with patent-pending AutoGround process



What comes with the FLUKE CV400 ClirVu?

  • FLUKE CV400 4 inch (95 mm) IR Window
  • Hand turn door latch
  • Warranty statement


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Comparison Chart for: Fluke CV400 ClirVu 4 inch IR Window

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