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RLD2 HVAC/R Leak Detector Flashlight

FLUKE RLD2 HVAC/R Leak Detector Flashlight is compact, easy-to-use & uncovers refrigerant leaks instantly. 100,000 hours of life!

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FLUKE RLD2 HVAC/R UV Refrigerant leak Detector With Flashlight

Leak detection made easy!

FLUKE RLD2 is compact, easy-to-use and complete with UV flashlight to uncover refrigerant leaks instantly. Use the UV light to find the leakage area, then, use the laser pointer to pinpoint the exact leak location.

With 100,000 hours of life, and four operating modes, this versatile leak detector is a must have for HVAC Technicians!

FLUKE RLD2 Key Features:

  • Compact UV flashlight uncovers refrigerant leaks instantly.*
  • Combines leak detection with a bright flashlight
  • Illuminates dark areas along with a laser pointer to pinpoint a leak.
  • Instantly highlights leak detection dyes
  • White LED light with 100,000 hour life


FLUKE RLD2 Leak Detection Made Easy:

  • Vivid UV refrigerant leak detector finds the fault fast
  • Laser pointer pinpoints leak location
  • Bright flashlight with three LEDs penetrates dark areas
  • Key chain carabiner for convenience


FLUKE RLD2 Leak Detection Specification:

  • Six UV/Blue LEDs highlight leak detection dyes
  • Laser pointer locates centre of UV/Blue field
  • Three white LED flashlight with 100,000 hour LED life
  • Operating temperature: 0 °C to 50 °C (32 °F to 122 °F)
  • Includes detachable key chain carabiner and AAA batteries
  • 1 Year warranty

*For use with standard leak detection dyes available in the market


What comes with the FLUKE RLD2?

  • FLUKE RLD2 Leak Detector Flashlight
  • Detachable Key Chain Carabiner
  • AAA Batteries


Technical Specification for: Fluke RLD2 HVAC/R Leak Detector Flashlight

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