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DLRO100E Micro-Ohmmeter with DualGround Safety (Mains Only)

Megger DLRO100 is portable micro-ohmeter with Dualground for improved operator safety. The tough design, intuitive interface & IP54 (lid open) rating ensure reliability & ease-of-use in the most arduous of conditions.

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Megger DLRO100 A Highly Portable Micro-Ohmeter with Dualground 

The DLRO100 is convenient and portable; Its high power output is battery powered - this, combined with its’ small size and lightness makes it ideal for use where there is a lack of mains power supply.

The DLRO100 has been designed to make things easy for the commissioning and maintenance engineer. With its high noise immunity and DualGround™ safety technology (which allows the testing of circuit breakers with both sides grounded), it is particularly suited to substation testing applications. A range of leadsets are available at the time of ordering, with a  selection of cable lengths and terminations to tailor the unit to the engineers’ specific requirements. 

For the OEM manufacturer, the remote control capability on the DLRO100 can automate some of the testing, store and transfer the data to PC to save time in the production process and an auto test function can speed up repeated testing. Test currents can be applied for seconds or even minutes to comply with specific design or regulatory requirements.

The DLRO100 can be used for materials testing, for example in the rail industry it can be used for testing critical components such as rail connectors, where standards require a constant high current output for 10s of seconds.

So whether you are building, installing and commissioning circuit breakers or switch gear, or need to test in inaccessible parts of the railway system, the versatile DLRO100 is the number 1 choice for practical electrical resistance measurements.

Megger DLRO100 Key Features:

  • CAT IV 600 V and DualGround for improved operator safety
  • Light, 100 A, battery powered unit for portability
  • High noise immunity for stable readings
  • Smooth DC output for circuit breaker testing
  • IP54 for protection against dust and moisture whilst testing
  • Save, download and delete results (DLRO100X and DLRO100H variants)
  • Remote operation, Bluetooth and asset and result tagging (DLRO100H variants)

The various models of the Megger DLRO100:

  • (1004-851) Megger DLRO100E (mains only)
  • (1004-872) Megger DLRO100EB (mains and battery)
  • (1004-893) Megger DLRO100X (mains only)
  • (1004-913) Megger DLRO100XB (mains and battery)
  • (1004-953) Megger DLRO100HB (mains and battery)



Technical Specification for: Megger DLRO100E Micro-Ohmmeter with DualGround Safety (Mains Only)

CAT IV 600 VAC / 500 VDC up to 2000 m, CAT IV 300 V up to 4000 m
Lightweight 100 A battery powered unit
Mains only
High noise immunity
Smooth DC Output
IP54 Lid open / IP65 Lid closed
Li-ion battery
100A Manual, Auto and Continuous test
Custom test
Range and test mode rotary switches
Ultra tough outer case construction
Dual Ground with optional Clamp
Large, clear LCD
Internal memory storage with USB download capability
Remote Control
Asset tagging
See data sheet for full specification
Product Downloads


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
1004-448 DLRO100 CAT IV 600V Lead Set (5m) £550.00 ADD
1004-449 DLRO100 CAT IV 600V Lead Set (10m) £755.00 ADD
1004-450 DLRO100 CAT IV 600 V Lead Set (15m) £1,045.00 ADD
1005-555 DLRO100 Terminal adapters £305.00 ADD
1005-622 DLRO100 DC Clamp (MCPD 100L) £205.00 ADD
1005-634 DLRO100 CAT IV 600 V Kelvin Lead Set (5m) £550.00 ADD
1005-635 DLRO100 CAT IV 600 V Kelvin Lead Set (10m) £755.00 ADD
1005-636 DLRO100 CAT IV 600 V Kelvin Lead Set (15m) £1,045.00 ADD
1005-973 DLRO100 Lithium Ion Battery Pack £580.00 ADD