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DLRO2X - Hand-Held 2 A Low Resistance Ohmmeters (c/w Data Storage)

Megger DLRO2 & DLRO2X (with data storage) get fast, accurate, repeatable measurements, even in noisy environments, with this new handheld low resistance ohmmeter, complete with new ‘Difference’ meter to allow repetitive measurements for easy comparison with an initial reference measurement.

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Megger DLRO2 Hand-Held 2 A Low Resistance Ohmmeter

The Megger DLR02 or DLRO2X is a great addition to your toolbox!

Helping you find the difference...

Megger DLRO2 is a tough, handheld, intuitive Low Resistance Ohmmeter boasting NEW functionality. When testing multiple connections there could be micro-ohm differences which may not show when using a continuity tester; instead of taking several measurements the new ‘Difference‘ meter enables you to compare multiple results visually with an initial measurement to see the percentage difference in your results. The ‘Difference‘ meter also translates the percentage difference to a needle/pointer movement, making the changes clear to see change. New reference measurements can be set at the push of a button. The ‘Difference‘ meter can highlight issues before the fault occurs, making it perfect for your preventative maintenance regime.


Colour display with new ‘Difference‘ Meter:

DLRO2 Display Screen

Includes the ‘Difference‘ meter for quick data comparisons on several connections

  1. Difference Meter scale
  2. Previous result markers in red indicates noise was present
  3. Reference measurement
  4. Previous result markers
  5. Electrical noise warning
  6. Percentage difference between current measurement and initial reference measurement


▶ Video: Overview of The Megger DLRO2

Video thumbnail for the Megger DLRO2 Hand-Held 2 A Low Resistance Ohmmeter


Megger DLRO2 Key Features:

  • ‘Difference Meter’ for quick data comparisons
  • Use long leads at 1 A without compromising test speed
  • Safely test the resistance of inductive loads at 1 A
  • <600 V active protection against inadvertent live connections without blowing a fuse
  • Ideal for outdoor use with protection against dust and moisture to IP54
  • Industry standard safety rated at CATIII 600 V/CATIV 300
  • Easily select functions using the rotary dial
  • Option to run the test in bidirectional mode or in unidirectional mode to save time and battery power
  • The ability to view 3 results on the screen at any time makes it ideal for 3-phase systems
  • Overcome the effects of standing EMF voltages using the bidirectional test mode
  • Forward and reverse results can be viewed on the secondary display
  • For stability of results, the instrument will warn you when electrical noise, or noise from poor clip/probe connections, is present
  • Keeps testing as long as you can, with as many as 500 x 2 A - 3 second tests from a full charge
  • Supplied with compact CATIII 600 V/CATIV 300 V rated kelvin clip test leads


What extra do you get with the DLRO2X?

  • Noise Rejection mode with Confidence Meter (DLRO2X only)
  • Manual and auto save results for export to USB (DLRO2X only)


Megger DLRO2X Extra Features:

Now you can easily identify if your measurement is being affected by noise... via the display‘s high noise indicator (when using the following modes: normal, long test lead, inductive). If a measurement is being affected by noise the results may not be reliable; to compact this situation the DLRO2X is equipped with a noise rejection test mode.

In this test mode, the current is passed continuously, and in one direction only, before feeding a stream of measurements into the Megger patented ‘Confidence Meter‘. The measurement is then refined until a stable, accurate measurement is obtained.

The DLRO2X can save results to its internal memory. Folders can be created to store results for each asset ID.

When the test is complete, the results can be manually saved to a chosen asset ID or the user can utilise the Auto Save function which can be set up so that all results will automatically be saved to a specified folder once the test has completed. These results can then be copied to a USB data stick to transfer to your PC.

Megger DLRO2 & DLRO2X Modes and Options:

  • Normal resistance mode (μΩ) (DLRO2 / DLRO2X)
  • Fast/long leads test mode (mΩ) (DLRO2 / DLRO2X)
  • Inductive resistance mode (μΩ) (DLRO2 / DLRO2X)
  • Noise Rejection mode (DLRO2X Only)

Megger DLRO2 Applications:

  • Aviation
  • Wind turbines
  • Rail, tram and underground
  • Marine
  • Oil and gas pipelines
  • Automotive and EV
  • Cable manufacturers
  • Component manufacturers
  • Space exploration and engineering
  • Data centres
  • Medical hand-held opportunity
  • Panel/switchgear manufacturers
  • Robotics
  • Electrical infrastructure


What comes with the Megger DLRO2?

  • Megger DLRO2, or Megger DLRO2X (with data storage), Low Resistance Ohmmeter 2 A
  • Kelvin clip lead set 2m CAT IV 300 10 A
  • Kelvin probe lead set 2m CAT IV 300 10 A
  • V charger power supply
  • Six Batteries: 1.2 V NiMH AA 2000mAHR
  • Memory stick (with user guide)
  • Hanging hook and strap
  • Soft pouch


Technical Specification for: Megger DLRO2X - Hand-Held 2 A Low Resistance Ohmmeters (c/w Data Storage)

Full Scale ResistanceTest CurrentResolutionNormal Resistance ModeInductive ModeLong Test Lead Mode (1 A only)
15000 µΩ2.00 A1 μΩ
120.00 mΩ2.00 A0.01 mΩ
1000.0 mΩ2.00 A0.1 mΩ
30.000 mΩ1.00 A0.001 mΩ
240.00 mΩ1.00 A0.01 mΩ
2200.0 mΩ1.00 A0.1 mΩ
300.00 mΩ100 mA0.01 mΩ
2500.0 mΩ100 mA0.1 mΩ
20.000 Ω100 mA0.001 Ω
3000.0 mΩ10.0 mA0.1 mΩ
24.000 Ω10.0 mA0.001 Ω
200.00 Ω10.0 mA0.01 Ω
30.000 Ω1.00 mA0.001 Ω
240.00 Ω1.00 mA0.01 Ω
2000.0 Ω1.00 mA0.1 Ω


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
1013-794 KC Lead Spare Kelvin Clamp Termination price on request
1013-793 KC Lead Spare Kelvin Probe Termination price on request
1013-791 KC Spare 3m Test Lead Female to Female Terminations price on request
1013-792 KC Spare 4mm Plug Termination Lead price on request
1007-036 Terminal Post to 4mm Socket Adaptor - Set of 4 price on request
1012-064 Kelvin Probe Pins (replacement probe tips) - Set of 4 £6.00 ADD
1012-511 4 Right Angled Adaptors - Allow Hook Terminated (eg. KC100) Leads to fit DLRO2 / DLRO2X £37.00 ADD
1013-224 10 A Fused Test Probe; Clip Lead Set £111.00 ADD
1011-673 DLRO2 Current and Potential Leadset 2m (2 x red lead; 2 x blk lead; 2 x grabber clip; 2 x probe) £81.00 ADD
1013-213 KC50E Extension Reel (50m) £275.00 ADD