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T&R Test Equipment
DMO600 High Current Micro-Ohmmeter

T&R DMO600 High Current Micro-Ohmmeter. Applications: busbar joint resistance /circuit breaker contact resistance. With USB memory key & keyboard for results.

Part Number:
DMO600 231

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T&R DMO600 Micro-Ohmmeter Automatically Maintains Desired Output Current

The unit simultaneously displays:

  • Output currect
  • Voltage
  • Resistance

The DMO600 uses a four wire Kelvin connection to measure low resistance.  The resisitance is caculated from the test currect and sense voltage.  The unit can output any currect from 10A to 600A, and has the option of three pre-programmable test currects, which can be selected at any time.  The unit is designed to comply with BSEN61010, and is CE marked.

T&R DMO600 perfect for:

  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance
  • Production line environments

The DMO600 also has an RS232 port allowing the unit to be connected to an optional printer. This can also be used to connect the unit to PLCs for production line use – full control of the DMO600 may be achieved through the RS232 port using a simple set of commands.

T&R DMO600 Key Features:

  • Ultra lightweight (19.7g)
  • 10-600Adc test current with <2.5% ripple
  • 0.1μΩ resolution
  • mV, A, and m/μΩ displayed simultaneously
  • USB memory key for data storage
  • USB keyboard for comment entry
  • Pre-settable test current with three buttons to store user test currents
  • Large back-lit liquid crystal display
  • Universal supply voltage 90-264V
  • Supplied with 3m output lead set
  • Optional current clamp to allows testing of objects with both sides earthed

DMO600 easily and safely measures contact resistances in:

  • Circuit breakers
  • Switch panels
  • Isolators
  • Busbar joints

T&R DMO600 Example Applications:

Busbar Joint Resistance:
The DMO600 is ideal for measuring busbar joint resistance. Before making connections ensure that the supply is off and necessary earths have been applied. Connect the high current leads to the busbar, ensuring that the joint resistance to be measured is in the circuit. Connect the sense leads as close as possible to the joint to be measured. Select the desired test current using one of the preset test currents (or use the adjust knob to set a custom test current). Switch the output ON, and the current rises to the preset current. Switch the output OFF again, and the reading is held on the display.

Circuit Breaker Contact Resistance:
The DMO600 is suited to all low resistance measurements on power systems, and is particularly suited to measuring contact resistances on substation circuit breakers, isolators and grounding equipment. The unit has a powerful output capable of driving 600A through 20m output leads to reach the contacts of even the largest circuit breakers. Optional output lead extensions are available which extend the high current and sense leads by 3, 5 or 10m. Accurate measurements on circuit breakers, isolators and grounding links with both sides earthed are simple with the optional current clamp. This allows the current flowing through the earthing equipment to be subtracted from the test current.

Storing Results:
The DMO600 is supplied with a USB memory key and USB keyboard for storing annotated results. To enter or edit a comment tap the COMMENT/MENU button. The comment can then be edited using the keyboard. This comment is stored with each result until a new comment is entered. Each time the output of the unit is switched off the readings from the unit are saved to the USB memory key in CSV format along with the date, time and your comment. The CSV file can be opened with any spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel™ or OpenOffice Calc.

DMO600 Dimensions:
Standard Case: 380x314x211mm (15.8kg)
Pelicase Unit: 560x456x265mm (19.7kg)

Accessories supplied with unit: Mains lead, user manual, 3m high current leads, 3m sense leads.



Technical Specification for: T&R Test Equipment DMO600 High Current Micro-Ohmmeter

Resistance Resolution0.1 µΩ
Resistance Range0.1µΩ - 5Ω
Current Range1 - 600 A DC
Test Current in A10 - 600ADC
Product Downloads


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
A231-0002 3m standard lead set with grey carry case £884.00 ADD
A231-0004 Output/sense extension 3m in plastic case £590.00 ADD
A231-0005 Output/sense extension 5m in plastic case £766.00 ADD
A231-0006 Output/sense extension 10m in plastic case £861.00 ADD