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MOM690 Micro-Ohmmeter 230V c/w Accessories

Megger MOM690 Micro-Ohmmeter 230V features high current capacity & comes with microprocessor-based measurement, storage & reporting.

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10680.00 incl. VAT)
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Megger MOM690 Micro-Ohmmeter for measurement, storage & reporting

Offering a test current from 0 to 600 A DC the MOM690A has a measurement range up to 200 mΩ with a resolution of 1 µΩ. The MOM690A can programmed to perform an individual test or an entire series and store the results. There is an AC output for quick and easy demagnetisation of CTs.

Megger MOM690 Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use
  • Automatic range settings
  • MOM Win PC software (optional)
  • Grounding terminal
  • Miniature circuit breaker for mains
  • Connection for mains voltage
  • Switch for mains voltage
  • DC current output
  • Common output terminal
  • AC current output
  • Voltage measurement input
  • Setting selector
  • Function selector
  • Interrupts current and toggles the display between resistance and voltage
  • Variable transformer
  • Clear display
  • RS 232 Serial interface

With the optional MOMWin software you can also export the test results to a PC for further analysis and reporting. Ranges are set automatically, resistances are measured continually and test results can be automatically captured at a preset test current.

Megger MOMWin Software:

An optional Windows program named MOMWin is available for MOM690A. It can be used to control measurement, analyse the re-sults and report the results from a PC. It also enables you to retrieve test results stored previously in MOM690A.  All readings are saved in ASCII-format and can be easily exported to your favourite spreadsheet program.  Results can be presented in table or diagram form in MOMWin.


Comparison Chart for: Megger MOM690 Micro-Ohmmeter 230V c/w Accessories

Test currents10 A-600 A10 A-200 A0-600 A0-600 A0-200 A5 A-600 A5 A-200 A50 A -220 A10 A - 100A
Current steps1 A1 A1 A1 A1 A
Max. test time continuous at>60 sec>10 min10 sec15 sec20 sec15 sec2 min3 sec - discharging10 min
Measurement range0.1 µΩ-999.9 mΩ0.1 µΩ-999.9 mΩ0-200 mΩ0-1999 µΩ0-19.99mΩ0-999.9 mΩ0-999.9 mΩ0-1000 mΩ0.1 µΩ-1.999Ω
Best resolution0.1 µΩ0.1 µΩ1.0 µΩ1.0 µΩ1.0 µΩ0.1 µΩ0.1 µΩ1.0 µΩ0.1 µΩ
Ripple free DC
DualGround100x / 100H
Remote control
Built-in printer
Result storage100X / 100H
Downloading to PC100X / 100H
Power supply
Rechargeable batteryoptional
Weight14.5 kg14.5 kg23.7 kg24.7 kg14.6 kg13.8 kg13.8 kg1.0 kg7.0 / 7.9 kg
Product Downloads


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
BB-90024 Calibration shunt MOM690 £215.00 ADD
GA-05055 Cable set 5 m MOM690 (2x5 m 50 mm2 2x5 m 2.5 mm2) £509.00 ADD
GA-05057 Extension cable set No 1 MOM690 (2x5 m 50 mm2 2x10 m 2.5 mm2) £509.00 ADD
GA-05107 Extension cable set No 2 MOM690 (2x10 m 50 mm2 2x15 m 2.5 mm2) £760.00 ADD
GA-09155 Cable set 15 m MOM690 (2x15 m 95 mm2 2x5 m 2.5 mm2) £1,450.00 ADD
GD-00042 Flight case combi-XL £800.00 ADD
GD-00182 Transport case Combi £560.00 ADD