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T&R Test Equipment
200A DC Digital Micro-Ohmmeter c/w 3m Lead

The T & R Test Equipment DMO200 200A micro-ohm meter which automatically maintains desired output current. Output current, voltage & resistance are all displayed simultaneously.

Part Number:
DMO200 mk2 256

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Megger DMO200 High Current Micro-ohmmeter

The DMO200 200A DC Digital Micro-Ohmmeter is a high current micro-ohmmeter suitable for measuring very low resistances in a wide range of applications.  The unit is easy to operate and features a back-lit display which is bright and clear with a wide viewing angle.

Megger DMO200 Key Features:

  • Ultra lightweight (6.9kg)
  • 1-200Adc test current with <2.5% ripple
  • 0.1μΩ resolution
  • mV, A, and m/μΩ displayed simultaneously
  • USB memory key for data storage
  • USB keyboard for comment entry
  • Pre-settable test current with three buttons to store user test currents
  • Large back-lit liquid crystal display
  • Universal supply voltage 90-264V
  • Supplied with 3m output lead set
  • Optional current clamp to allows testing of objects with both sides earthed

DMO200 Perfect For:

  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance
  • Production line environments

Contact resistances in circuit breakers, switch panels, isolators, and busbar joints are all easily and safely measured.

The Easy To Operate DMO200:

  • Requires the user to select the test current and switch the output on. 
  • The unit can output any currect from 1A to 200A, and has the option of three pre-programmable test currects.
  • Selection of all ranges is fully automatic; current, voltage and resistance are displayed simultaneously. 
  • The resistance is calculated from the test current and sense voltage. 
  • To assist the user, all readings are held on the display when the output is switched off.

Results storage is via a USB memory key, and is supplied with a USB keyboard to enter comments to be stored with readings.  All results are time and date-stamped, and saved in a CSV file.  These results can also be seen on the bright back-lit digital display (showing current, sense voltage and resistance).

The various models of the DMO200:

  • (DMO200) 200A DC Digital Micro-Ohmmeter c/w standard 3m output lead set.
  • (DMO200 L10) 200A DC Digital Micro-Ohmmeter c/w standard 10m output lead set (No 3m leads)
  • (DMO200 224N) 200A DC Digital Micro-Ohmmeter c/w Nevada croc clip 3m output lead set
  • (DMO200 224K) 200A DC Digital Micro-Ohmmeter c/w Kelvin Clamp 3m output lead set


Technical Specification for: T&R Test Equipment 200A DC Digital Micro-Ohmmeter c/w 3m Lead

Resistance Resolution0.1 µΩ
Resistance Range0.1µΩ - 5Ω
Current Range1 - 200 A DC
Test Current in A1 - 200ADC
Product Downloads


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
A000-0005 DMO200 5m Earth lead with croc clip. £202.00 ADD
A224-0002 DMO200 3m standard lead set c/w grey carry case £865.00 ADD
A224-0004 DMO200 3m extension lead set. (Output & sensing leads) £374.00 ADD
A224-0005 DMO200 5m extension lead set. (Output & sensing leads). £449.00 ADD
A224-0006 DMO200 10m extension lead set. (Output & sensing leads) £598.00 ADD