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557s Smart Vacuum Kit

Testo 557s Smart Vacuum Kits - Smart digital manifold with wireless vacuum & temperature probes in a practical case includes calibration certificate (kit available with hoses included)

Part Number:
0564 5571 02

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Testo 557s Smart Vacuum Kits with 4-Way Valve Block

The Testo 557s Manifold with Bluetooth and 4-way valve block has been designed for commissioning, servicing and maintenance of refrigeration systems and heat pumps.

The Testo 557s digital manifold with 4-way valve block enables you to carry out your measurements on refrigeration and air conditioning systems and heat pumps fast and efficiently. Stored programs guide you through the measurement and enable the automatic test sequences for those all important parameters such: superheat, pressure drop test and evacuation. Evaluate your results at a glance in graphical format on the Testo 557s large, clear display.

Thanks to the testo 552i Bluetooth Vacuum Probe included in the kit, the testo 557, as the the first manifold ever, makes wireless vacuum measurement possible!

Testo 557s Key Features:

  • Exceptionally compact and reliable thanks to the easy-to-handle, robust housing with IP 54 protection class
  • Simple, wireless measurement of vacuum and temperature via automatic Bluetooth connection
  • All results at a glance on a large graphical display
  • Even greater flexibility for your measurements and documentation with the testo Smart App
  • Even easier to get results, thanks to guided measurement menus for target superheat, vacuum and pressure loss
  • Convenient refrigerant management in the App with favourites and automatic updates
  • Can be used for applications with A2L refrigerant, taking into account the relevant legislation, norms and guidelines for refrigeration systems


▶ Testo 557s Videos

Video: Testo 557s Launch Video...

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Video: Testo Smart Probes...

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Testo 557s Applications:

  • Refrigeration systems, air conditioning systems, heat pumps
  • Determination of high and low pressure, automatic determination of condensation and evaporation temperature and calculation of superheating/subcooling. All results can be read simultaneously on one screen
  • Tightness test: Recording and analysis of the pressure curve
  • Automatic calculation of the target superheat (in conjunction with the appropriate measuring instrument, eg. Testo Smart Probe)
  • Measure vacuum: Graphic progression display of the measurement with indication of the start and differential value
  • Evacuation: Graphic progression display of the measurement with indication of the start and differential value (in conjunction with the appropriate Testo Smart Probe, eg. testo 552i vacuum probe)


The Various 557s Kits:

  • (0564 5571 02) Testo 557s Smart Vacuum Kit
  • (0564 5572 02) Testo 557s Smart Vacuum Kit with Hoses


What comes with the Testo 557 Smart Vacuum Kit?

  • Testo 557s Digital 4-Way Manifold
  • Batteries (4 x AA)
  • Calibration protocol
  • 1 x Testo 552i Wireless Bluetooth Vacuum Probe
  • 2 x Testo 115i Wireless Bluetooth Clamp Thermometers
  • Transport case
  • Testo Smart App (free download)
  • Instruction manuals
  • Hose filling set with 4 hoses (only with 0564 5572 02)


Comparison Chart for: Testo 557s Smart Vacuum Kit

Contents Smart Vacuum Kit Smart Vacuum Kit with Hoses
Testo 557s Smart Digitial Manifold
Calibration protocol
Testo 552i Vacuum Probe (Smart Probe)
Testo 115i Wireless Clamp Temperature Probe (Smart Probe)22
Hose filling set (4 hoses)
Instrument case