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570-1 Refrigeration Manifold Kit

Testo 570 Refrigeration Manifold Kits - Carry out quick, reliable measurements on refrigeration systems & heat pumps: carry out pressure, temperature, current & vacuum measurements as well as temperature-compensated tightness tests. Calculates superheating & subcooling simultaneously.

Part Number:
0563 5701

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Testo 570 Refrigeration Manifold Kits

The Testo 570 is a comprehensive, robust digital refrigeration manifold for all refrigeration system or heat pump measurements: Pressures, temperatures, vacuum or current.

It stores all measurement data, right from commissioning, to service and maintenance, through to the error analysis of a system.

The internal data memory replaces manual work steps; long-term measurements can be carried out, or data can be recorded in real-time and presented graphically. Errors can be found and rectified more quickly in cases of malfunction.  Manual documentation is also a thing of the past.  Measurement protocols can be produced on site and results traced at any time - this ensures transparency and inspires trust in the customer.


Testo 570 Key Features:

  • 999 hours of internal memory: clearly-structured, easy-to-follow logging of measurements
  • Real time data measurement and graphical editing: the EasyKool software presents the data in an easy-to-understand format - this allows faults to be detected far more quickly when breakdowns or failures occur
  • Call up and print out protocols: this allows you to reproduce measurements more easily and to call up protocols - as well as print out the data with the optionally available testo fast printer
  • The 40 most common type refrigerant agents are already stored in the meter: updates for other refrigerant agents can be carried out free of charge using the EasyKool software
  • Two temperature compensated pressure sensors measure high and low pressure quickly and reliably and calculate the temperatures automatically
  • Three temperature connecting points for connectable temperature sensors: calculate superheat and subcooling simultaneously, measure parallel the surrounding temperature, for example in a cold storage room
  • Integrated vacuum measurements: reliable measurements during the evacuation of refrigerant systems and heat pumps
  • Automatic heat pump mode - no need to replace refrigerant hoses
  • Further features like the temperature compensated leak-tightness check function and the automatic surrounding pressure compensation


Testo 570 Key Features:

  • Documentation of the measurements carried out
    You can save measurements directly in the instrument using the integrated data memory for analysis, further process and document them later via the EasyKool software.
  • Evacuation of refrigeration systems
    You can carry out evacuations quickly and safely with the integrated vacuum measurement and no additional measuring instruments are needed.
  • Quick and easy troubleshooting
    Direct graphic display of the measuring values with a laptop and the EasyKool software. This online measurement means you very quickly find the causes of faults and can remedy them.
  • Refrigerant update by customer
    Testo now offers over 80 different refrigerants for digital manifolds. With the testo 570, you can quickly import the latest refrigerant yourself via the EasyKool software.
  • Simultaneous determination of superheating and subcooling
    Automatically calculates superheating and subcooling of the system using up to 3 temperature probes which can be connected at the same time. Ambient temperature or flue gas temperature can also be checked with the third connectable probe
  • Tightness testing of refrigeration systems
    Carry out a temperature-compensated leakage test of the system for rough tightness testing. To do this, the system pressure at the start of the measurement is compared with the one at the end and any difference there may be is displayed directly.


▶ Watch how to commission Refrigeration Systems securely efficient provide documentation:

Video thumbnail for commissioning a Refrigeration System securely


The various models of the Testo 570:

  • (0563 5701) testo 570-1 set digital manifold for all measurement tasks on refrigeration systems and heat pumps, 4-way-valve block, internal data memory, integrated vacuum measurement, 3 temperature probe connections, clamp probe, demo version PC software, calibration protocol and batteries included
  • (0563 5702) testo 570-2 set digital manifold for all measurement tasks on refrigeration systems and heat pumps, 4-way-valve block, internal data memory, integrated vacuum measurement, 3 temperature probe connections, calibration protocol, 2x clamp probes, software (free download) with USB cable, transport case, mains unit and batteries included


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