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DM166 Thermal Imaging TRMS Multimeter (IGM)

The FLIR DM166 Thermal Imaging TRMS Multimeter is a must-have tool for commercial electricians, automation, electronics & HVAC technicians.

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FLIR DM166 Multimeter - The Most Affordable DMM with IGM

The FLIR DM166 Thermal Imaging TRUE RMS Multimeter is an affordable feature-packed tool housed rugged drop tested design!

Whether you‘re an electrician, work on electronics or you‘re an HVAC professional this affordable all-in-one tool will help you find problems quickly and diagnose them efficiently.

The FLIR DM166 is a versatile multimeter is packed with high and low voltage test functions to help you troubleshoot electrical, mechanical and HVAC systems, but it also boasts a 8 x 60 resolution thermal imaging camera to show you what‘s hot and what‘s not, guiding you to the precise location of a potential fault.

Locate overloaded circuits and loose connections with thermal imaging, target were to measure with the built-in laser and rely on proven FLIR multimeter test functions to diagnose over-heating components, faulty coils and other temperature anomalies.



FLIR DM166 Key Features:

  • 4,800 pixel thermal camera visually guides you to an electrical problem
  • Includes high-quality test probes and a Type-K thermocouple
  • Removes high-frequency interference with reading through VFD mode
  • Safely check for live connections using noncontact temperature measurement
  • Offers CAT III-600V, CAT IV-300V safety rating
  • Drop-tested and IP rated for greater durability

FLIR DM166 - Troubleshoot Faster

One tool gets the job done.

  • Quickly scan for overheating components with IGM
  • Diagnose faults with broad DMM test functions
  • Troubleshoot easier with the unique combination of onboard thermal imaging and traditional DMM test functions

FLIR DM166 - Work Safer

Identify energised and potentially faulty equipment from a safe distance.

  • Safely check for live connections using non-contact temperature measurement
  • Carefully measure voltage with integrated non-contact voltage detection
  • Work with peace of mind knowing your meter has a CAT III-600V, CAT IV-300V safety rating

FLIR DM166 - Diagnose Problems More Efficiently

  • Rich feature set covers both high-voltage and low-voltage applications
  • Reliably take 600 V AC/DC voltage measurements and 10 A AC/DC current measurements
  • Remove high-frequency noise that affects readings with the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) measurement function
  • Precisely measure resistance up to 60 MΩ, frequency up to 50 KHz, and capacitance up to 10,000 µF 

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Comparison Chart for: FLIR DM166 Thermal Imaging TRMS Multimeter (IGM)

TypeTRMS Digital Multimeter with Non-Contact VoltageHVAC TRMS Digital Multimeter with TemperatureElectrical and Field Service TRMS Multimeter with VFD modeThermal Imaging TRMS Multimeter with IGM
MarketGeneral PurposeProfessionalProfessionalProfessional
IGM Resolution80 x 60
IGM Temperature Range-10°C to 150°C (14°F to 302°F)
Display Counts/Type6000/Backlit LCD6000/Backlit LCD6000/Backlit LCD6000/2.4” TFT
Bar Graph
Basic Accuracy0.5%0.5%0.5%0.5%
True RMS AC/DC Voltage600 V600 V600 V600 V
True RMS AC/DC Current10 A10 A10 A10 A
AC/DC µA Current
Resistance60 MΩ60 MΩ60 MΩ60 MΩ
Capacitance10,000 µF10,000 µF10,000 µF
Frequency50 kHz50 kHz50 kHz
Temperature-40°C to 400°C (-40°F to 752°F)-40°C to 400°C (-40°F to 752°F)-40°C to 400°C (-40°F to 752°F)
Data Hold
LoZ Mode
Low Pass Filter/VFD
Water Proof/Drop ProofIP40IP40IP40IP40/3 m
Non Contact Volt Detect (NCV)
Data StorageNoNoNoNo
Safety CategoryCAT III-600V CAT IV-300VCAT III-600V CAT IV-300VCAT III-600V CAT IV-300VCAT III-600V CAT IV-300V