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289 Industrial Logging Multimeter with TrendCapture

The FLUKE 289 Industrial Logging Multimeter comes with TrendCapture has the same functionality as the 87 V with a higher level of accuracy & the ability to log. Designed to solve complex problems in electronics, plant automation, power distribution, & electro-mechanical equipment.

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If you spend £150+ you will receive a great FLUKE tool absolutely FREE! Call us on 01782 563030 Ends: 31/08/2024



FLUKE 289 Multimeter - Industrial, True RMS with TrendCapture Logging

The FLUKE 279 FC is designed to increase your productivity and confidence.  Easily detect a heat map on large 50,000 count, 1/4 VGA dot matrix display (with white backlight) - it shows you where the hot spot is before you begin repairs.  Using FLUKE‘s integrated iFlex (a flexible current clamp), you can take measurements in those tight awkward spaces up to the 25000 amps and with wireless technology; you can view the measurements remotely. FLUKE Connect lets you include measurements and thermal images and reports to validate your work is complete.

Combining 2 tools in 1, the rugged and reliable FLUKE 279 FC Thermal multimeter helps you quickly find, repair, validate, and report electrical issues!  Comes with a bright backlit screen so no matter what the conditions, you‘ll never have trouble seeing your results!


FLUKE 289 Advanced Meter:

Best for: Advanced industrial troubleshooting, including data logging and graphing intermittent problems.

With advanced capabilities:

  • Logging: For unattended monitoring of signals over time, to detect intermittent problems
  • Graphing: View logged values graphically in the field right on the meter, without a PC
  • Working on VSDs: Take accurate voltage, current and frequency measurements on the output side of the drive at either the drive itself or the motor terminals
  • Testing motor windings or contact resistance: Allows testing of resistance up to 50 ohms with one milliohm (0.001 ohm) resolution


FLUKE 289 Data Logging:

The data logging function will allow you to record the data you need while you‘re off solving other problems.  Setting up for a data logging session only takes a few steps. After that, it‘s as easy as pressing start! While you‘re away the 289 will be working for you.  It can store up to 15,000 recorded events over time, while saving multiple logging sessions before downloading to your PC. Of course, anytime during your session, you can check on your progress.  Here, you‘ll see the time remaining, the total number of interval samples already saved and the total number of events detected so far. Once finished, save the recording and either give it a unique name or choose from a list of 8 pre-set names. You can recall the recorded data at a later time by simply going back and selecting VIEW MEMORY. You‘ll have the option of viewing the logged data from each category: Min/ Max, Peak measurement or recording.  Use the navigation keys to make your choice and then press the VIEW key - this brings up the last recorded session in that category.  With the 289 or 287, you can be in two places at once saving yourself time and money as you detect those first intermittent issues before they become big problems!


New Diagnostic Functionality For Maximising Productivity In The Plant

The FLUKE 289 is the next generation high performance industrial logging multimeter designed to solve complex problems in electronics, plant automation, power distribution, and electro-mechanical equipment. With the ability to log data and review it graphically on-screen, you can solve problems faster and help minimise downtime. Let the new 289 be your watchdog for systems or processes while you are off solving other problems.


▶ Video: TrendCapture Explained on the FLUKE 289 Industrial Logging Multimeter:

Video thumbnail showing TrendCapture on the screen of a FLUKE 289


FLUKE 289 Key Features:

  • Low impedance voltage function for eliminating ghost voltages
  • Low Pass filter for accurate voltage and frequency measurements
  • Two terminal 50 ohm range with 1 milliohm resolution, 10 mA source current
  • NEWTrendCapture quickly graphically displays logged data session to quickly determine whether anomalies may have occurred
  • NEW – Zoom on trend provides unprecedented ability to view and analyse TrendCapture data; zoom in up to 14 times
  • NEW – Selectable ac filter (Smoothing mode) helps display a steadier reading when the input signal is changing rapidly or noisy
  • NEW – Adjustable recording and auto hold thresholds, specify a percentage change in the readings that begins a new event
  • NEW – Large 50,000 count, 1/4 VGA dot matrix display with white backlight
  • NEW – Logging function with expanded memory for unattended monitoring of signals over time. Using on-board TrendCapture users can graphically review logged readings without needing a PC. Store up to 15,000 recorded events.
  • NEW – Two terminal 50 ohm range with 1 milliohm resolution, 10 mA source current. Useful for measuring and comparing differences in motor winding resistance or contact resistance. 
  • NEW – Low Pass filter for accurate voltage and frequency measurements at the same time on adjustable speed motor drives and other electrically noisy equipment
  • NEW – LoZ Volts. Low impedance voltage function for eliminating ghost voltages. Also recommended when testing for absence or presence of live power.
  • NEW – "i" button. On board help screens for measurement functions. Unsure about a function—go to that function and press the “i” button.


What comes with the FLUKE 289?

  • FLUKE 289 Industrial Logging Multimeter with TrendCapture
  • TL71 Test Leads
  • AC175 Alligator Clips
  • Batteries – 6 AA Installed


Requires FLUKE ir3000 FC Infrared Connector for FLUKE Connect communication:

▶ FLUKE Connect capability via the FLUKE ir3000 (see accessory list):

Video thumbnail showing FLUKE Connect App

What extra comes with the Combo Kit?

  • FlukeView Forms Software with Connection Cable (for analysing testing results on PC)
  • 80BK-A Thermocouple Probe
  • Amp Jack Plug Set
  • C280 Soft Carrying Case


▶ Video: Which Industrial Multimeter Is Right For Me?:

Video thumbnail showing FLUKE Connect App


Comparison Chart for: Fluke 289 Industrial Logging Multimeter with TrendCapture

Advanced MetersAdvanced MetersAdvanced Meters
True-rms readingsac+dcac+dcac
Basic dc accuracy0 .025 %0 .025 %0 .05 %
Wide bandwidth100 kHz100 kHz20 kHz
Auto/manual ranging
Voltage ac/dc1000 V1000 V1000 V
Current ac/dc10 A10 A10 A
Resistance500 MΩ500 MΩ50 MΩ
Frequency1 MHz1 MHz200 kHz
Capacitance100,000 µF100,000 µF10,000 µF
Temperature(+) 1350 °C (2462 °F)(+) 1350 °C (2462 °F)(+) 1090 °C (1994 °F)
Conductance/dB50 nS/60 dB50 nS/60 dB50 nS/-
Duty cycle/pulse widthDuty cycle only
Continuity/diode test
Motor Drive (ASD) Measurements
Lo ohms
LoZ: low input impedance
Fluke Connect enabled
BacklightTwo levelTwo levelTwo level
Graphical trend display
Diagnostics and data
Min/max recording with time stamp
Display hold/auto (touch) hold
Relative reference
Stand-alone logging
Trend capture
Readings memories10,00010,000
USB interface
Warranty and electrical safety
Warranty (years)LifetimeLifetimeLifetime
Input alert
IP ratingIP30
EN61010-1 CAT III1000 V1000 V1000 V
EN61010-1 CAT IV600 V600 V600 V


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
FVF-Basic FlukeView Forms Basic + IR USB cable (189 287 289 789 1550B) £194.00 ADD
IR189USB IR Cable - USB (280/180 Series 1653 789 1550B) £60.00 ADD
L200 Probe Light: Bright white LED illuminates contact area 120 hours of battery life £31.00 ADD
L205 Mini Hat Light: Waterproof Electrically and thermally nonconductive includes hat clip £37.00 ADD
L206 Deluxe Hat Light: 3 super bright white LEDs 360° Rotating clip Special hard-hat attachment included! 40-hour battery life Water resistant £50.00 ADD
L210 Probe light and probe extender £52.00 ADD
SV225 Stray Voltage Adapter £89.00 ADD
C280 C280 Soft Case £83.00 ADD
FS17XX IP65-TF-II 3000A IP65 4-PH 1743/4 Thin Flexi Set £2,213.00 ADD
TL932 TL932 Patch Cords (90 cm) £27.00 ADD
TL940 TL940 Mini-Hook Test Lead Set £27.00 ADD
TL910 TL910 Electronic Test Probes £97.00 ADD
TL970 TL970 Hook and Pincer Test Lead Kit £95.00 ADD
TP920 TP920 Test Probe Adapter Kit £61.00 ADD
H900 H900 Test Lead Holder £37.00 ADD
80K-40 80K-40 High Voltage Probe £348.00 ADD
80K-6 80K-6 High Voltage Probe £193.00 ADD
80TK 80TK Thermocouple Module (Type K) £189.00 ADD
TL76 TL76 All-in-one Test Lead Set £52.00 ADD
AC280 AC280 SureGrip™ Hook Clip Accessories £41.00 ADD
TL221 TL221 SureGrip Extension Lead Set £40.00 ADD
TL175 TL175 Twist Guard Test Leads £36.00 ADD