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8808A 5.5 Digital Bench Multimeter

FLUKE 8808A 5.5-Digit Multimeter is an easy to use, versatile meter. It has a 5.5 digit resolution, basic V dc accuracy of 0.015% & 2x4 ohms 4-wire measurement technique.

Part Number:
8808A 220V

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FLUKE 8808A 5.5 Digit Multimeter -Versatile Multimeter

The FLUKE 8808A has six dedicated setup buttons on the front panel that function as ‘pre-sets’ similar to those on a car radio, making it fast and easy for production operators to quickly follow a test procedure without having to push multiple buttons. Setup buttons with pass/fail test mode provide measurement consistency that will improve quality and efficiency in manufacturing test applications. With measurement functions including volts, ohms, amps and frequency, the FLUKE 8808A also provides the performance and flexibility required from a bench meter in R&D, development and service applications.


FLUKE 8808A Making Measurements At The Push Of A Button

The FLUKE 8808A 5.5 digit multimeter has a broad range of functions, measuring volts, ohms and amps with a basic V dc accuracy of 0.01 %.

It is remarkably easy to use, even by unskilled operators, because it makes the measurements you perform most often extremely easy and fast to do.

Six setup buttons on the 8808A front panel operate like a car radio’s station pre-sets. Simply set up the meter for a common measurement, then press shift followed by a setup button (S1 to S6) to save the setup. Now each time you perform that measurement, you simply press the appropriate setup key. It’s that easy!

The setup buttons eliminate the need to follow complex work instruction sheets. Operators no longer need to press multiple buttons to set up a measurement function and range, test limits, or enter other parameters to make a measurement.

FLUKE 8808A Eliminate Production Mistakes

The FLUKE 8808A 5.5 digit multimeter dependably performs the most common measurements required by today’s applications. Whether you are performing functional tests or making critical measurements on test points, using the limit compare mode with pass/fail indicators eliminates production mistakes, especially those where results are “on the edge.” The 8808A display has built-in enunciators that clearly show the operator whether a test passes or fails.

The pass/fail indicators take the guesswork out of testing: the result is either within limits or it’s out!

▶ Video: FLUKE 8808A and 298 Digital Multimeters for Engineering and R&D

Video thumbnail for the FLUKE 8808A and 298 Digital Multimeters

FLUKE 8808A Key Features:

  • 5.5 digit resolution
  • Basic V dc accuracy of 0.01 %
  • Dual display
  • Dedicated dc leakage current measurement
  • 2x4 ohms 4-wire measurement technique
  • Six dedicated buttons for fast access to instrument setups
  • Hi/Lo limit compare for Pass/Fail testing


What comes with the FLUKE 8808A?

  • FLUKE 8808A Digital Bench Multimeter
  • TL71 test leads
  • Line cord
  • Statement of calibration practices
  • WEEE information sheet
  • Warranty statement
  • Getting Started guide
  • CD Rom with user manual


Technical Specification for: Fluke 8808A 5.5 Digital Bench Multimeter

DisplayVFD multi segment display
Resolution5.5 digits
Measurement function
Accuracy, ± (% of reading + % of range)
V dc ranges200 mV to 1000 V
Maximum resolution1 uV
Accuracy0.015 + 0.003
V ac
Ranges200 mV to 750 V
Maximum resolution1 uV
Accuracy0.2 + 0.05
Frequency20 Hz to 100 KHz
2x4 wire
Ranges200 Ω to 100 MΩ
Maximum resolution1 mΩ
Accuracy0.02 + 0.003
A dc
Ranges200 µA to 10 A
Maximum resolution1 nA
Accuracy0.02 + 0.005
A ac
Ranges20 mA to 10 A
Maximum resolution100 uA
Accuracy0.3 + 0.06
Frequency20 Hz to 2 kHz
Ranges20 Hz to 1 MHz (freq only)
Max. Resolution0.1 mHz
Accuracy0.01 %
Continuity/Diode Test
Maximum resolution
Maximum resolution
Math functions
Advanced functions
Limit Test
Input output
USB memory
Real time clockNo
InterfacesRS-232, USB with optional adapter
Programming Languages/modesSimplified ASCII, Fluke 45
Weight2.1 kg (4.6 lb)
Size (HxWxD)88 mm x 217 mm x 297 mm (3.46 in x 8.56 in x 11.7 in)
SafetyDesigned to comply with EN 61010-1:2001, ANSI/ISA 61010-1 (S82.02.01):2004, UL 61010-1:2004, CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 61010.1:2004


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
FVF-SC4 FlukeView Forms Software + Cable (8845A/8846A) £334.00 ADD
FVF-SC5 FlukeView Forms Basic (8845A/8846A) £181.00 ADD
FVF-UG FlukeView Forms Upgrade £162.00 ADD