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EA Technology
VisNet Hub Real-Time Monitoring Device (LV Networks)

EA Technology VisNet Hub is real-time monitoring device that operates in low voltage distribution substations providing valuable insight into substation efficiency & optimisation.

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VisNet Hub

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EA Technology VisNet Hub Monitoring Device for LV Networks

VisNet Hub has been designed to provide valuable insight into the efficiency and optimisation of LV networks. This real-time monitoring device operates in low voltage distribution substations.

It checks voltage and current data on every LV feeder giving insight into load, faults and condition across the network. This data is critical to network operators having the ability to improve both network flexibility and efficiency together with security and quality of supply as low carbon technologies become more widespread.


Reduce Risk Of Emerging Strategies

There are countless specifications and strategies being explored and adopted by the UK DNOs based on the outcomes of trials and tests of LV network monitoring. The risk of getting these choices wrong in a rapidly changing world with an uncertain future is high.

The VisNet Hub de-risks these emerging strategies by implementing widespread monitoring on a standard and open software platform which can flex to accommodate new ideas without incurring the burden of the installation of new equipment. Networks need a robust and future proof data infrastructure which can adapt to a rapid reshaping of the energy sector: LV-CAP (Low Voltage - Common Application Platform) provides this.

The openness of this solution lets network operators deploy solutions from best-of-breed providers (including themselves) to deliver cost-effective gains in performance, planning, load management and network charging.


EA Technology VisNet Key Features:

  • Push intelligence to the network edge
  • Comprehensive network visibility with its capability to monitor 6 feeders and communicate via GPRS
  • Improve analysis capability
    • Report on predetermined timescales of every minute, 3 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, hourly or daily
  • Communications defined by applications (DNP3, HTTPS, IEC61850)
  • Compact and neat design (430 x 266 x 71mm)
  • Enclosure protected to IKO8, IP 55
  • Can be upgraded to support emerging standards
  • LV Cloud Portal allows for the management and tracking of all devices - visualise and manage the entire fleet of devices quickly and easily to the LV Network
    • Real-time view of asset performance
    • Historical view of asset performance
    • Events and Alarms log
    • Location of the equipment
    • Details of the VisNet Hub unit installed


▶ Energy System Transformation - Move To Net Zero:

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Technical Specification for: EA Technology VisNet Hub Real-Time Monitoring Device (LV Networks)