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PAT350 PAT Tester

Megger PAT350 PAT Tester offers high through-put, speedy results, high current bond tests (virtually continuously without fear of over heating) deal for tool hire companies & service centres.

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Megger PAT350 PAT Tester

A fast PAT Tester with simple push-button operation; for example to conduct ‘CLASS I‘ testing simply press the ‘CLASS I‘ button followed by the ‘TEST‘ button to initiate testing - It‘s that simple!

Clear indication when results are displayed, coded green for PASS and red for FAIL.

A fast and intuitive tester with all regulatory test requirements supported, including:

  • Class I
  • Class II
  • IEC power leads
  • Extension leads
  • Full tests for portable RCDs

An ‘automatic‘ mode is available for Class I and Class II testing.  In ‘automatic‘ mode, the tests run through bond, insulation and operation, indicating a PASS or FAIL at each test. If a FAIL occurs, testing is stopped.  When manual testing is conducted, each test is preceded by a selection screen where the test parameters are selected, such as bond test current, insulation test voltage or leakage test type. These diagnostic buttons provide direct access to any test individually, allowing single tests to be performed following a repair, or a suspect result. 

The instant-restart feature speeds up testing when moving from room to room, restarting in exactly the same menu location for an efficient testing process.

Don’t want the complexity of database management; happy to write out certificates by hand - The PAT350 is a perfect choice. 

An additional benefit of the PAT350 (over the PAT320) is the flash testing feature.

The Megger PAT350 boasts high through-put capabilities and speedy results, ideal for tool hire and service centres.

Also an application of particular interest to tool hire and service/repair centres is the ability to run high current bond tests virtually continuously, without the fear of the tester over heating.

Megger PAT350 Key Features:

  • Full PAT functionality with the option of flash test
    • Flash testing at 1.5 kV or 3 kV
  • If a particular test needs to be repeated, there are direct access buttons dedicated to specific tests
  • 200 mA “soft” bond test and the option of high current 25 A and 10 A bond tests
  • Test lead null
  • Repeated high current bond testing possible
  • Insulation testing at 250 V and 500 V
  • Fully tests 230 V and 110 V appliances
  • Extension and IEC lead testing, including polarity, earth continuity, L-N continuity and L-N-E insulation
  • Standard differential leakage test
  • Protective conductor or touch current leakage test
  • Substitute earth leakage test at 40 V a.c.
  • Full plug-in 30 mA RCD testing ½ x I, I, 5 x I
  • Integral fuse checker 
  • Automatic or manual testing
  • Continuous operation
  • Full plug-in or lead mounted RCD testing
  • Simple push button control

What comes with the Megger PAT350?

  • Megger PAT350 PAT Tester
  • Continuity/Earth Bond Lead
  • Extension Lead Adaptor
  • Flash Test Lead
  • Screen Protector
  • Carrying Case


Technical Specification for: Megger PAT350 PAT Tester

Touch Current Display Range0 to 10mA
Earth Continuity Display Range0 to 19.99
Insulation Resistance Display Range0 to 99.99M
Touch Current Test Voltage115/230 V a.c.
Earth Continuity Test Current200mA
Insulation Resistance Test Voltage250V & 500V
Product Downloads


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
1000-766 110V Mains lead adaptor BS1363 - BS4343 £44.00 ADD
1000-767 415V Adaptor lead (4 pin) to BS (BS1363) 16A £82.00 ADD
1000-770 415V Adaptor lead (5 pin) to BS (BS1363) 16A £82.00 ADD
1000-971 Roll of 1000 PASS Test Labels £33.00 ADD
1001-227 Roll of 1000 FAIL Test Labels £33.00 ADD
1001-232 Plug Adaptor IEC C6 - C13 (3way 5A PSU) £20.00 ADD
1001-233 Continuity / Earth Bond lead + Probe (Black) £40.00 ADD
1001-234 Extension Lead Adaptor 230V UK 13A £21.00 ADD
1001-299 PAT Test Certificate Book £34.00 ADD
1006-225 Carry Case PAT300/400 £71.00 ADD
1007-165 Flash Lead 3.0kV 3.5mA (Red) £45.00 ADD
2001-044 PAT Accessory Pouch £77.00 ADD
2001-372 PAT Test Guide Book £28.00 ADD
6121-483 Appliance Bar-code Labels (1-1000) £93.00 ADD
90001-010 Barcode Printer Label Refills (Cartridge) £63.00 ADD