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OTS60AF 60kV Auto Portable Oil Test Set c/w Accessories

Megger OTS60AF Oil Test System - A Portable Liquid Dielectric Breakdown Tester performs accurate breakdown voltage tests on mineral, ester & silicon insulating liquids. This model comes with barcode scanning capability, an extra large test chamber, plus 12 key alpha-numeric keypad to facilitate entry of test ID, file names & notes etc

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Megger OTS60AF Oil Test System - Portable Liquid Dielectric Breakdown Tester

Megger OTS60 60kV AF models have much a larger test chamber for even easier access and cleaning, particularly useful in a lab environment.  They are fitted with a 12 key alpha-numeric keypad to facilitate entry of test ID, file names, notes etc.  Alpha characters are entered by repetitive pressing on a key.  The AF models also have the ability to use a USB barcode reader to scan oil sample barcode labels, ideal for better integration with a LIM system.


▶ Video: Megger OTS Oil Testers Overview

Thumbnail for Megger OTS Oil Tester video

Megger OTS Key Features:

  • Full Range to suit all user needs
  • Easy adjust – locking electrode gap
  • Fast precision breakdown detection
  • Ultra-fast HV switch off time
  • Suitable for mineral, ester and silicone oils
  • Flat electrode gap gauges that will not damage electrodes
  • Oil temperature is measured continuously so it can be determined whether the oil test sample is within the range allowed by the test standards before the test is commenced
  • QVGA colour display with back-light (easy to read in sunlight or dark conditions)
  • Large, easy clean test chamber with oil drain
  • High visibility test chamber
  • Safe operation with dual redundant micro switches
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Fully automatic operation with pre-loaded international test standards
  • User configurable test sequences to cover transition period of new / updated test standards (standards maintained via USB updates from Megger)
  • All instruments supplied with one 400 ml test vessel in the box as standard, unless the super user kit is specified (see below)
  • Built onto rigid box section chassis to prevent flexing on impact that otherwise would damage transformer
  • Unique built in chamber drain pipe for easy removal of oil accidentally spilt in test chamber, this can easily be connected to a lab waste system
  • Test standards favourites list speeds up selection by only displaying the standards regularly used by the use
  • NEW - IEC60156-2018
  • NEW - IEC60156-2018 V for Viscous Oils
  • NEW - IEC60156-2018 Annex A
  • NEW - IEC60156-2018 Annex A (V) for Viscous Oils
  • NEW - Withstand tests


Megger OTSAF Extra Key Features:

  • Barcode scanning capability for oil sample ID
  • Extra large test chamber for ease of use in high productivity application
  • 12 key alpha-numeric keypad to facilitate entry of test ID, file names, notes etc

What comes with the Megger OTS60AF?

  • OTS60AF 60kV Auto laboratory based oil test set
  • Vessel 400 ml assembly (stirrer lid fitted)
  • Printer
  • Full electrode set - IEC and ASTM
  • Electrode gauge set
  • IEC and ASTM impeller
  • Calibration certificate
  • Power DB guide
  • Quick Start Guide
  • OTS Vessel Preparation Guide


Comparison Chart for: Megger OTS60AF 60kV Auto Portable Oil Test Set c/w Accessories

Configured to order options
Printer (built in) or not
Internal battery fitted or not
Mains / Line supply lead (plug)
Electrode set supplied (IEC ASTM or Universal)
Soft Padded carry case
OTS Range Differentiating Features
Max test voltage
60 kV
80 kV
100 kV
Power supply
Lead acid battery option
NiHM battery option
Vehicle 12 V skt lead option
Mains only operation
Data management
Internal test result memory
Download results to USB stick
Barcode scanning capability
Keypad for easy asset ID and memo entry
Tough display and chamber lid
Low cost shatter proof test vessel
Large corner protecting rubber feet
Rugged non-flex construction
Transport case**
Protective carry case**
Light weight (<23 kg) one man carry
Operating costs
Low cost test vessel (Vessel of each oil **)
Annual full calibration
Test standards
Fast favourite list selection
Fully automatic test sequence
Test standards update via USB device ***
Custom tests
Easy pour / clean vessel design
Large test chamber (easy access)
Test chamber spilt oil drain
Continuous oil temperature measurement
Lockable thumb wheel adjustable electrode gap
Voltage output verification unit available
*Optional item **IEC 60156 recommends a separate test vessel is used for each type of fluid to be tested ***Important future proof feature