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OTS80AF 80kV Auto Portable Oil Test Set Basic Build c/w 400ml Vessel

Megger OTS80AF 80kV Auto Portable Oil Test Set built for reliability designed to measure insulating oil breakdown voltage.

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Megger OTS80AF 80kV Auto Portable Oil Test Set


Reliable results with OTS

When performing oil testing the reliability of the results is absolutely essential! The correct diagnosis of oil condition can prevent a catastrophic failure of equipment, and can help maintain operational safety, prevent fires and maintain reliability.


Megger OTS Ensures Reliability

Megger OTS is able to quickly and precisely adjust the electrode gap and this plays a big part with reliability and accuracy. The accurate and smooth gap gauges with black anodised coating are smooth so preventing any wear on the electrode. The coating will also show if the gauge is warn.  The electrodes can also be locked into position preventing movement through handling or accidental adjustments.

The Megger OTS also includes a new transformer design which limits the dissipated power within the arc, again improving reliability.

The transformer also detects direct output breakdown detection, in terms of both current and voltage, improving accuracy and also ensuring a high-speed disconnection time.  This also offers compliance with both ASTM and IEC requirements.

Low dissipated power and fast breakdown is particularly important for testing silicone oil - Many old oil test sets cannot meet the less than 1 millisecond requirement for silicone oil; the OTS range exceeds this requirement achieving less than 10 microseconds.

The Megger OTS also has optional voltage check meters VCM100D and VCM80D - These ensure confidence in results by verifying output voltage between full calibration.

Finally the units have a built-in automatic temperature measurement with a sensor contacting an area under the vessel with a thin wall for maximum heat transfer.

The measurement is constantly displayed to ensure the sample is at the required temperature before committing to perform a test remember a sample should only be tested once an IEC require that the oil sample be tested at a temperature between 15 and 25 °C.  At ASTM between 20 and 30 °C - The temperature needs to be recorded with the test results of course so when it comes to accuracy you really do get reliable results with OTS!


▶ Video: Megger OTS Oil Testers Overview

Thumbnail for Megger OTS Oil Tester video


Megger OTS80AF Key Features:

  • Full Range to suit all user needs
  • Easy adjust – locking electrode gap
  • Fast precision breakdown detection
  • Ultra fast (< 10 µs) HV switch off time
  • Suitable for mineral, ester and silicone oils
  • Measures insulating oil breakdown voltage
  • Lock in precision – oil vessel with lockable adjustment
  • Bright 3.5” colour
  • Suitable for mineral, ester and silicon oils
  • Trip detection circuit with direct measurement of voltage and current
  • NEW - IEC60156-2018
  • NEW - IEC60156-2018 V for Viscous Oils
  • NEW - IEC60156-2018 Annex A
  • NEW - IEC60156-2018 Annex A (V) for Viscous Oils
  • NEW - Withstand tests

Megger’s automatic laboratory oil test sets perform accurate breakdown voltage tests on mineral, ester and silicon insulating liquids. Moulded test vessels give repeatable results with lock in precision electrode gap setting adjustment wheels. The transparent, shielded lid and large test chamber enable easy access to the test vessel.


What‘s the difference with the OTS AF models?

These 60 kV, 80 kV and 100 kV models have much a larger test chamber for even easier access and cleaning, particularly useful in a lab environment.  They are fitted with a 12 key alpha-numeric keypad to facilitate entry of test ID, file names, notes etc. Alpha characters are entered by repetitive pressing on a key.  The AF models also have the ability to use a USB barcode reader to scan oil sample barcode labels, ideal for better integration with a LIM system.


What comes with the Megger OTS80AF?

  • OTS80AF 80kV Auto laboratory based oil test set
  • Vessel 400 ml assembly (stirrer lid fitted)
  • Printer
  • Full electrode set - IEC and ASTM
  • Electrode gauge set
  • IEC and ASTM impeller
  • Calibration certificate
  • Power DB guide
  • Quick Start Guide
  • OTS Vessel Preparation Guide


Comparison Chart for: Megger OTS80AF 80kV Auto Portable Oil Test Set Basic Build c/w 400ml Vessel

Configured to order options
Printer (built in) or not
Internal battery fitted or not
Mains / Line supply lead (plug)
Electrode set supplied (IEC ASTM or Universal)
Soft Padded carry case
OTS Range Differentiating Features
Max test voltage
60 kV
80 kV
100 kV
Power supply
Lead acid battery option
NiHM battery option
Vehicle 12 V skt lead option
Mains only operation
Data management
Internal test result memory
Download results to USB stick
Barcode scanning capability
Keypad for easy asset ID and memo entry
Tough display and chamber lid
Low cost shatter proof test vessel
Large corner protecting rubber feet
Rugged non-flex construction
Transport case**
Protective carry case**
Light weight (<23 kg) one man carry
Operating costs
Low cost test vessel (Vessel of each oil **)
Annual full calibration
Test standards
Fast favourite list selection
Fully automatic test sequence
Test standards update via USB device ***
Custom tests
Easy pour / clean vessel design
Large test chamber (easy access)
Test chamber spilt oil drain
Continuous oil temperature measurement
Lockable thumb wheel adjustable electrode gap
Voltage output verification unit available
*Optional item **IEC 60156 recommends a separate test vessel is used for each type of fluid to be tested ***Important future proof feature


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
1001-102 Accessory Lid Mounted Impeller Supplied (for use with 400ml vessel only) £245.00 ADD
1001-105 VCM100D Voltage Check Meter £1,250.00 ADD
1001-473 Vessel 400ml (no electrodes) £295.00 ADD
1001-474 Vessel 150ml (no electrodes) £315.00 ADD
1001-476 Carry Bag (OTS80PB) £165.00 ADD
1001-477 Accessory IEC Electrode Set - Includes Mushroom and Sphere Electrodes Stirrer Bar Gap Gauge Set Magnetic Bean Retreiver all in Case £250.00 ADD
1001-478 ASTM Electrode Set - Includes Cylinder Electrodes Both std and None std Mushroom Electrodes Stirrer Bar Gap Gauge Set and Magnetic Bean Retreiver all in Case £280.00 ADD
1001-479 ASTM and IEC Electrode Set - Includes Cylinder Electrodes Both std and None std Mushroom and Sphere Electrodes Stirrer Bar Gap Gauge Set and Magnetic Bean Retreiver all in Case £325.00 ADD
1001-801 VCM80D Voltage Check Meter £1,220.00 ADD
1002-144 Electrode Spacer Set Spare (new OTS) £116.00 ADD
25995-002 Printer Ribbon Cassette £20.00 ADD
27890-009 Stirrer Bar Magnetic MS/F1 £15.00 ADD
6220-482 Pair of Mushroom Electrodes £102.00 ADD
6220-483 Pair of Cylindrical Electrodes £102.00 ADD
6220-484 Pair of Spherical Electrodes £102.00 ADD